Sample Warping Techniques(Tutorial)

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Sample Warping Techniques(Tutorial)

Post by Ruso » Sat Sep 29, 2007 7:57 pm

Hey guys I spent the morning writing a message to a fellow producer who's trying to learn ableton and I put together a set for him which shows sample warping techniques from easy to more advanced.... After I sent it I realised that a lot of you would appreciate this tutorial so I'm going to copy and paste it in here....

ok so I just spent like an hour putting together some radical sample warping procedures for ya so you better tune in lol. Anyways so here's how it goes... download this set.... ... 97565B97F7 open it up.

the first track is the sample I used in the third track. it's just to show what I'm doing with it, the second track is just drums.... so first run the clip in the first track so you can hear it and fire up the drums in the second track....

the third track uses a very easy technique for mangling the sample.... it's called the simpler.... it's a sampler like the keyboard part on the esx if you played with it... I set up an arpeggiator to hit every 16th note like on the electribes for simmilarity... arpeggiator is just a midi effect component in live like everything else and so is simpler.... fire up the first clip... it is simply the sample in the first track arpeggiated.

now just like on the esx simpler has a sample start position parameter... you can either f*ck with the knob as it's arpeggiating or do automation.... run the second clip in the third track... the way I did this was like any other automation, under the envelope section on the bottom there are two drop downs, one has all devices on the track, and once you select simpler, it will have all the parameters of that device.....

now you can rightclick where the notes are and go into draw mode and draw out the envelope and move all points arround how you want...

the third one is the same thing I just added a second note at the end...
if the envelopes make no sence read about automation inside the ableton manual...

now that's somewhat exciting but it's not super special... although we have formings of some nu school breaks coming on already.... lol by the way in case youre wondering track 2 and three are all samples from my circuit bent furby... it's a monster sample machine!!!

anyways track 4 is what I use most often... because I prefer synths over samples and I like to create simple textures with samples for the drums this is the best way to do it.... it's a normal impulse with a bunch of RANDOM samples I threw in there which were generated by furby... the reason I'm telling you it's random is because this whole set is an example of concept, I didn't spend any time finding GOOD samples to use in it... and make samples work well together.... if you spent the time picking out samples just with this basic examples you could have a complete track going on by the end......

anyways like I said, it's an impulse with 8 random samples... fire u p the first track, it works exactly like drums, you just draw out where the one shot samples hit. MM I'd kill the third track with the simpler so you can hear better.... second track is the same thing with more samples being hitl... to illustrate how much flow you can add just by adding some random bleeps to a track.... notice I didn't change the pitch or the time of either of the samples they are original nonmatched unchanged base dirty samples.. and already this creates a nice sound.... anyways the next clip, just like in the third track where I modulated sample start, I'm modulating the pitch parameter of impulse, this will change the pitch of all drums(transpose them) simutaniously. Next one is perhaps a more radical aproach which sounds a lil better. This is some definite nice minimal sounds if you know what minimal techno is....

anyways the next clip is the same thing except I also modulate the time parameter which is basically sample stretch. I know it's not too pretty but it's all tools on how to use samples so with time spent you could make amazing stuff....

now last track... the big daddy, the combination of the two concepts.... I've created FULL tracks using JUST this concept.... this is my invention although I'm sure other people have come up with this before. My track Ruso-ExSplats is based on this concept. Kill track 4 so you can hear what it's doing....

This track is impulse drums, arpeggiated.... this means you can create mini sequences of samples, and play them o n your keyboard like an instrument..... try arming the track before you play the clips and playing on the base octave and holding down the keys.....

anyways now fire up the first clip, this is simple I just held some keys down randomly... The second clip is a more practical example, I also just played this out by holding down three keys at a time, mostly randomly... This is a very powerful tool for making music. Next clip is the same thing...

The fourth clip down(the teal clips) is where I start to combine the concepts of track 3 and 4 with modulation... this is where radical stuff can be done.... and I mean with this method you can create the most unearthly sounds out there and make em very melodical with some practice.... this clip is simply arpeggiating three sounds one after the other.....

This is the clip I'll be f*ck*ng with pitch and time.... again this is impulses global times, you can f*ck with the knobs to see what you can do.... now keep in mind all of this you can do in a live scenario....

anyways fire up the next clip... this one fucks with pitch... we have now officially created a melody from THREE SAMPLES..... I could put something like this together in under a minute.... the drums and all...

next clip is a more tuned out version of this clip... This produces almost like an old school roni size drum n bass sound ..... next clip plays with timing a little bit, like in other tracks.

I know this is a lot to f*ck with... start easy, load up a simpler, put the weirdest sample you have into it, arm the track and start hitting keys..... now midi map the sample start to a knob on any of your midi boxes.... and start turning it.... don't think about it just f*ck with simpler parameters.... add effects to the set I sent you to see what you can do.... try delays, resonators.... grain delays... you can put togehter hella crazy s**t...

have fun I hope this helps cause I put a lot of time into this

I took the set I sent you, and all I did was f*ck with some envelopes, and then midi mapped some knobs to my keyboard, then added some effects... it's the samples, in fact same notes and same sample triggers, just a little bit different pitch variations, and then I jammed out on them for a little bit and you could probably get some people grooving to this on the dance floor ... 476F8A74FE
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Post by Ruso » Tue Oct 02, 2007 4:54 pm

questions...? comments...? so many views not a single reply..... :?

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Post by vinkalmann » Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:31 pm

Ruso wrote:questions...? comments...? so many views not a single reply..... :?
You'll get used to it. My warping tutorial has been downloaded 5500 times and I've had a handful of comments. You'll know your guide is useful once people start linking to it from other sites. Don't let the lack of comments discourage you.
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Post by Ruso » Sat Oct 13, 2007 4:22 pm

file expired on yousendit, I reuploaded

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Post by Darwinist » Sat Oct 13, 2007 8:08 pm

Sounds very interesting. Have never used Impulse for anything except just...y´know, drums :oops:
Guess it´s time to start thinking outside the box and doing something different!

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Post by Ruso » Sat Oct 13, 2007 10:19 pm

that's one of the key ingredients in music... you might disagree for some music styles like chillout or some other harmonic "pretty" styles.... but the most sophisticated dance music (dnb, dubstep, breakbeats, minimal, two step, idm, goa trance, psy trance...) all seem to become better the farther away from the box you drift. Forget music theory when you're mangling things to such a degree... It becomes worthless...

anyways ;) also check out Messing With Furby Samples on my virb ( ) it's a downloadable crazy sample which you can mess with for free.

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Post by tiedyetrogdor » Sun Oct 14, 2007 1:59 am

Ruso, I ran into that track the other day. It's awesome. Is that only a furby or are you using Live to process the sounds? I've listened to it three or four times today - I love noise music.

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