syncing 2 PC via midi...

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syncing 2 PC via midi...

Post by conkling » Tue Oct 02, 2007 6:33 pm

...........After compiling a few tracks and main computer is having difficulty handling plug-ins....cpu goes through the roof!
Now I know there are several ways to sync up 2 computers.
I'm just an idiot.
On my main PC i'm using a Line 6 KB37 audio interface with SPDIF digital out.
I have an old Dell P3 computer to use as 'slave' computer.
I have a 'soundblaster x-fi soundcard" (that has a spdif out as well) that I can put into the dell....
Now...if my challenged brain can comprehend this. I'm going to buy a SPDIF cable and hook-up the 2 PC's via midi.....
On the Dell my midi keyboard (M-audio keystation) will be hooked up accessing my plug-ins (sfz & sf2 files).....
....after this.....I'm lost as 2 what should be slave/master....???

Is there another way...I really just want to access the sf2 soundfonts from a 2nd computer to take the heat off my main PC....
If this message makes any sense to anyone....

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Post by laird » Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:49 pm

1. You don't sync up two computers via SPDIF cables, but via MIDI cables and MIDI inputs/outputs. Maybe you know this, but from your description you mention SPDIF, not whether the soundblaster has a MIDI connector or not.

Your main PC should be the master. Make sure under MIDI PRefernces it will transmit MIDI beat clock.

Then run a MIDI cable from that computer (the M-audio keystation) OUT to the other computers MIDI IN (hopefully, on the soundblaster)

Now Turn the slave button on inside Live on the second computer (its near the tempo display in the upper right).

Hitting play on computer 1 should now start (and stop) computer 2.

You will still need some way to mix these two computers' audio outputs.

There might be a better method of CPU management, like Freezing tracks.

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Post by Michael-SW » Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:03 pm

You could sync over Ethernet which you presumably already have. Test ipMidi from here:

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