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new to recording

Post by teleman29 » Tue May 25, 2004 12:51 pm

:) hey guys whats up i am a guitar player that wants to record some samples and also guitar audio but its crazy i have been using lives demo and others not demo i love that live has no oms and you dont need midi but i have drum sample disks and i cant get a groove all i want to do is put kick on a track snare on a track and so on im sure this is a stupid question but how do i get everything in time without midi(i am getting a midi controller) but i feel like a dummy can aanoyone help me thanks
p.s. as things get cheaper
you will notice more guitars getting involved
thanks. digimorone


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new to recording

Post by minimal » Tue Jun 01, 2004 3:51 pm

not sure to understand your question in the right way, bt regarding the drum tracks you want to do I would suggest:
import your audio files of the drums as .wav w/soundforge or similar and then save them somewhere in your computer to use them in live.
I know it's a bit slow but I use to write drum patterns in Live, kick on a track, snare on another, hihats and so on every sound has it's own track (so that you can mute them eg. you don't have to filter the loop w/highpass to leave out the kick.

You don't need midi to have everything in time, this is the on of the goods features of ableton live, it puts everything on tempo.

Sorry I can't be much of help regarding the recording, due to the fact I have a silly creamware soundcard (luna II)I can't record in a logical way thus when I have to record my synth's output I use soundofrge while cubase send the midi to the synth. Then I save the wav file of the synth line and import them in Live for further processing.
YOu can do more or less the same I think, just have the click in the headphones.

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