Bome's with Ableton live and VCI-100

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Bome's with Ableton live and VCI-100

Post by solosys » Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:49 am

I use the Vestax VCI-100 for controlling some aspects of Live. I downloaded Bome's because I wanted to use the transport buttons on the VCI-100 to move through the tracks and scenes. Navigating up and down is no problem. I was able to map that directly from Ableton. But navigating from left to right (changin tracks) and launching the highlighted clip. This has to be done with Bome's right? I created a preset. Set up incoming triggers and had them relate to keystrokes. The problem I have is where do I go from here? I have Bome's loaded. I have Midi In selecting my device. I then load up Ableton but then I can't use the midi device because it seems to be in use already. Vice versa if I have Ableton open and then open Bome's, Bome's reports that the midi device is already in use. I installed Midi Yoke. I set the MIdi in to my device, and the output to Midi Yoke:1. After that I can open up Ableton. Select the Midi Yoke1 as the input. But the only thing that works is the functions that I translated. I need all of the other VCI-100's buttons to work also. How can I accomplish both

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Post by kinkajou » Fri Dec 21, 2007 10:05 am

not exactly what you are looking for maybe,
but this guy shows up a good way how to set up a controller for Live! 8)

PART 1 ->
PART 2 ->

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Post by funkazoid » Fri Dec 21, 2007 2:57 pm

Hi Solosys,

Seems like you have not enable midi thru in Bomes translator.

If you have not done that, only the translations will go to the midi yoke channel.

You can check in your systray where you see the midi tranlator icon if you push a button on your controler you see at the left side 'lights'change colour
If indeed it is send to the midi yoke channel you see also the right side flash up.

I´m not at my DAW at the moment so I can´t tell you exactly where you can find midi thru within bomes

Hope this helps

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