Edirol PCR-X00 Series: "Tutorial"-mapping controls

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Edirol PCR-X00 Series: "Tutorial"-mapping controls

Post by oxo » Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:23 pm

Having bought a PCR-300, I then lost a lot of time having to "Search" for how to get the controls to work as Ableton has no "native" control surface support for the PCR
- hope this helps others to actually make music.

The thread contains my journey to making Controller Maps and the Control Maps I made:
http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 432#609432

The information here may also help owners of other Edirol devices (like PCR-M1) although they will have to make their own Control Maps based on the information contained here.
If you make a usefull Control Map, post it so others can play along...:)

Please note, I edit the posts as time goes by, only posting if something really new comes up.
So small "hints"/observations can turn up, without there coming a new post
- an attempt to keep the number of posts small.
At some stage I will try and make a document instead ...

If there is anything I should have or gotten wrong, PM me so I can include or change what I got wrong.
Owen Brotherwood, Denmark, 2008.


OK, got a sound out of Ableton, but how to use the knobs on a PCR?

There seems to be two methods to map controls for a PCR:
- Use a hidden feature in Ableton called "User Remote Scripts" or UserConfiguration.txt or automap http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 101#609101
- Use the "MIDI" button: MIDI Map Mode Switch (the quickest way for the PCR to control Live). Rolands Control Maps @ Roland use this technique http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 790#608790

Well, a third method is also possible, emulate a supported controller.
I have now emulation of a Tranzport for usage in "transport" type of mapping.

And one can also use Bome Midi Translator / MIDI Yoke to make the fourth solution, but I'll wait with that one as this would mean Mac wouldn't be able to use it, which would be a shame.

Other things:

Roland Support:

Check for PCR system version
While holding down the [DYNAMIC MAPPING] and [L1] button, turn on the power. The display will indicate the version.
* After checking the version, you must turn the power off, then on again.
At the time of writing, the following is available:
PCR-300/-500/-800 System Program Ver.1.04

I have not been able to get the software that came with the PCR (Cakewalk Production Plus Pack, inc Sonar LE) to "work" with the PCR http://www.edirol.net/products/en/PCR-3 ... lk_ppp.pdf
- I am no way near the "with SONAR" as shown at (Sonar Home Studio 6) http://media.roland.com/en/IT/PCR_IT/index.html
So be warned, one may not be getting what you thought: but it could just be me not using enough time with Cakewalk, and going to quickly to Live ...
"Dynamic Mapping” — intelligent assignment of controls
- so far, I cannot find any tech. specs on how it works
Which make possible "nice things" with Bome Midi Translator very difficult...

pcr-300 pcr-500 pcr-800
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MIDI Map Mode Switch

Post by oxo » Mon Dec 31, 2007 1:38 pm

MIDI Map Mode Switch
MIDI Map Mode Switch allows to quicky Map a control on the PCR to a control for Live: try this first so you get a quick buzz

To enable MIDI Map Mode, remember to go to Preferences->MIDI Sync and enable "Remote" for Input Edirol PCR1 and 2.
A latter screen shot shows this.

Use Control Map 3 on the PCR-X00 to play with this mapping feature.
(Switching control maps: pg 9)
Basically, press cntrl-m and select one of the blue controls, and turn/press a control on the PCR: the control is mapped (the value sent by the PCR is shown on the Live control)
Then, press cntrl-m again and see the Live Controller move when the PCR controller is moved.
- actually works :)

Note that these mappings are saved with the Set.
One could have a default set one uses everytime one starts a new set with the Midi Mappings in the set ...

Really just a short note: for more details, read Live manual...

The MIDI Map button is top right, mappings get shown in the Midi Mappings area ...

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Roland Control Maps

Post by oxo » Tue Jan 01, 2008 1:11 am

Roland Control Maps
Roland has Control Maps on their site for Live
- they are "strange"

They are based on MIDI Map Mode Switch, and involve sending a control map to the PCR and starting a Live Document with the MIDI macros.
Doesn't seem to be portable, unfortunatly Ableton doesn't have import/export of Midi Map Mode's

The actual control map that is sent doesn't seem to good either, uses all sorts of Midi Channels. (personally, why not just use the one Midi Channel, like 16 ...)

So I don't think I'll look more into that blind alley.
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Post by oxo » Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:09 pm

OK, hope you tried the MIDI Map so you can see that you can control the controls of the PCR, now lets use "automap"

Automap is "easy" as one "only" has to edit one textfile (UserConfiguration.txt) and have a control map on the PCR active that relates to the textfile.
All this means is that the control map on the PCR-X00 has to send CC messages named in UserConfiguration.txt that are then mapped over to Live controls.

The following describes how to make a control surface without changing the PCR-X00's control maps, and doing all the work by just adding a simple txt file in Ableton.

In order not to go into the processes involving creating, downloading and saving a control map to the PCR-X00, I use the control map already available in the PCR-X00: control map 3.
It is already definded with reasonable values that use Channel Message Control Change (the CC's needed as named in UserConfiguration.txt) and only uses one midi channel, 16.

One can allways try and alter the control map latter (there is a complete solution to download in the thread), but then one has to read the PCR manual, this method _may_ get one working a bit quicker so you get another "buzz".
On the PCR-X00, select control map 3

On the Windows, try and find "User Remote Scripts"
-just type %APPDATA% in the explorer.

%APPDATA% is a variable containing the path for:
XP - \Documents and Settings\<USER>\Application Data
VISTA - \Users\<USER>\AppData\Roaming

Then find User Remote Scripts folder in the Preferences folder for the version of Ableton Live you are using.

(MAC: see http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 724#563724: seems placement is like near \
Macintosh HD/Users/[yourname]/Library/Preferences/Ableton/Live6)

Create a new folder, pcr-control-3 and create a UserConfiguration.txt in the new folder with the text shown latter.

One more step, start Live and in preferences->midi, select the control surface pcr-control-3 (which should now be available), use input edirol pcr 2 and output edirol pcr
Oh, almost forgot: also change Takeover Mode to "Pickup"
- this is only to see the value being "picked up", later use "Value Scaling" (RTFM)

To test, press the play (L3) button on the pcr and Live should start playing
or else, something went wrong :(

Code: Select all

# PCR-X00 Control Map 3 
# Owen Brotherwood, Denmark, 2008
# Config File for User-defined Instant Mappings

# We assume that the controls on your MIDI controller
# send CCs. All controls, except the sliders for volume
# and the encoders for device parameters, are expected 
# to use the global channel. CCs are counted from 0-127 
# and channels from 0-15.

# The channel that the controller should send on
GlobalChannel: 15
# If your controller is connected via USB, replace ControllerName
# with the name of the respective port. Live will then try to 
# recognize the ports for you when you select your Instant-Mappings
InputName: EDIROL PCR 2
OutputName: EDIROL PCR

# The Encoders will control the device parameters (you can also
# use knobs or sliders). Replace the -1's with the CCs sent by 
# the respective controls on your controller. You can also set
# the channel for each controller if it differs from the global
# channel (if you leave the channel of an encoder at -1, Live
# will assume that the encoder uses the global channel).
Encoder1: 72
Encoder2: 73
Encoder3: 74
Encoder4: 75
Encoder5: 76
Encoder6: 77
Encoder7: 78
Encoder8: 79
EncoderChannel1: -1
EncoderChannel2: -1
EncoderChannel3: -1
EncoderChannel4: -1
EncoderChannel5: -1
EncoderChannel6: -1
EncoderChannel7: -1
EncoderChannel8: -1

# Enter the respective map mode for the encoders here. The following
# map modes are available:
# - Absolute
# - Absolute14Bit
# - LinearSignedBit 
# - LinearSignedBit2
# - LinearTwoCompliment
# - LinearBinaryOffset
# - AccelSignedBit 
# - AccelSignedBit2
# - AccelTwoCompliment
# - AccelBinaryOffset
# Consult the controller's documentation to find out which mode to use.
EncoderMapMode: Absolute
# Buttons used here are expected to not be toggles (i.e., sending 
# value 0 every second time you press it).
Bank1Button: 0
Bank2Button: 1
Bank3Button: 2
Bank4Button: 3
Bank5Button: 4
Bank6Button: 5
Bank7Button: 6
Bank8Button: 7
NextBankButton: 40
PrevBankButton: 41
LockButton: -1

# Again enter the appropriate CCs for the respective controls.
# If all sliders use the global channel to send their data,
# you can leave the channels at -1. You can, of course, use
# encoders or knobs instead of sliders.
VolumeSlider1: 64
VolumeSlider2: 65
VolumeSlider3: 66
VolumeSlider4: 67
VolumeSlider5: 68
VolumeSlider6: 69
VolumeSlider7: 70
VolumeSlider8: 71
Slider1Channel: -1
Slider2Channel: -1
Slider3Channel: -1
Slider4Channel: -1
Slider5Channel: -1
Slider6Channel: -1
Slider7Channel: -1
Slider8Channel: -1
MasterVolumeSlider: -1
MasterSliderChannel: -1
Send1Knob1: -1
Send1Knob2: -1
Send1Knob3: -1
Send1Knob4: -1
Send1Knob5: -1
Send1Knob6: -1
Send1Knob7: -1
Send1Knob8: -1
Send2Knob1: -1
Send2Knob2: -1
Send2Knob3: -1
Send2Knob4: -1
Send2Knob5: -1
Send2Knob6: -1
Send2Knob7: -1
Send2Knob8: -1
TrackArmButton1: -1
TrackArmButton2: -1
TrackArmButton3: -1
TrackArmButton4: -1
TrackArmButton5: -1
TrackArmButton6: -1
TrackArmButton7: -1
TrackArmButton8: -1
VolumeMapMode: Absolute
SendsMapMode: Absolute

# The transport buttons are also expected not to be toggles.
StopButton: 21
PlayButton: 22
RecButton: 23
LoopButton: -1
RwdButton: 19
FfwdButton: 20
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Modified Control Maps

Post by oxo » Tue Jan 01, 2008 12:35 pm

Modified Control Maps

The reason for me to choose Control Map 3 was to create a result without having to spend an hour using the PCR editor.
But now the time for PCR editor has come, the least amount of work to create at least 3 controller surfaces to map out all possible values in UserConfiguration.txt

MIDI Map is also supported, as there will be a lot of CC values to use if one wants to make a tempory mapping.

Very briefly, use channel 16: gives about 127 CC values
There are about 49 controllers to give values to.
So, it is possible to abtain 2 main maps, each map using it's own CC to allow for greated MIDI Map possiblites.
Based on the 2 main maps, other maps have small variations to allow for mapping of Send1/Send2 knobs (more for the sake of completeness) and a map where the pads are used for the sound of drums.

Code: Select all

PCR-Send1 PCR-Send2 PCR-Encode4 
Send1 is mapped to R1-8:1-8
Send2 is mapped to R1-8:101-108
Encode4 encoders are  mapped to R1-8:111-118
All other controllers from 1-49
This gives 3 Controller Maps and 1 UserConfiguration.txt

PCR-Encode3 PCR-Pad5
Encoder3 encoders are mapped to R1-8:51-58
Pad5 Pads are mapped to Notes, vel 100 on A1-8, vel 50 on B1-8
All other controllers from 51-99
This gives 2 Controller Maps and 1 UserConfiguration.txt

All CCs/Pad Notes sent on Channel 16 on prc 2
(keyboard sends on prc 1)

A1-8: TrackArmButtonX
A9: Forward

B1-8: BankXButton
B9: Loop 

L1-4: as labels on PCR

C1-3: NextBankButton PrevBankButton LockButton (Lock Controller)

R9, H1-2: all have CC's for Midi Mapping

Aftertouch, Modulation, Hold and Express: all have CC's for Midi Mapping
After about an hour or two, one will have made 2 UserConfiguration.txt and 6 Controller maps.

The next post contains the download to get them so you don't have to spend an hour or two ...
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Files to download ...

Post by oxo » Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:32 am

Files to download ...

- go for the lattest version of PCR-Automap...

The two folders (the new control surfaces) each contain a UserConfiguration.txt and the PCR Control Maps that are used.
Folder: PCR2-1-2-4
UserConfiguration.txt: type low
Control Surface: PCR2-1-2-4
Control Maps: PRC-Send1 PRC-Send2 PRC-Encode4
Folder: PCR2-3-5
UserConfiguration.txt: type high
Control Surface: PCR2-3-5
Control Maps: PRC-Encode3 PRC-Pad5
Copy the folders into User_Remote_Scripts found in the Live directory contained in %APPDATA%

Remember to download Control Maps to the PRC
-may I suggest PRC-Send1 in Control Map 1 etc etc
And don't forget to use the save controller map on the PRC....
Oh, and of course, enable the control surfaces in Preferences->Midi
(Just select the new directories)

To test, move S9 all the way up and down, and the Live Master Mixer will move.

As the PCR will be altered, then some small help here from the manual:
Factory Reset: pg 81
Switching control maps: pg 9
Recieving a control map from your computer: pg 10
Saving a memory map: pg 9

A short note on pad5
The pads send notes on pcr2.
So any track monitoring channel 16 (or all) will "play" the drums, so only rec with drum track armed, or else other notes come on the other tracks ...
(Hmm, did you understand that ...)

Some old screen shots:

Note that the Control Surface name used here is an example, use the correct one
- and Takeover Mode can also be "Value Scaling" which seems to work better ...
Mapping examples:
R1-8 are the encoders (CC 51-58)
Pads send notes
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Bugs and Problems

Post by oxo » Wed Jan 02, 2008 3:10 pm

TrackArmButton doesn't work.
(I may not be the only one: http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 312#402312)
It may be I don't use it correct and have to RTFM

Only one value is MIDI mappable, they are probably both transmitting, so Live picks one of them: H2
-no real loss though, Midi Map can map H2 to 2 Live Controllers and by inverting values, the same effect of 1->127, 127->1 can be achieved when moving H2.
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aftertouch and other controllers

Post by oxo » Wed Jan 02, 2008 8:46 pm

Use Midi Map to map aftertouch to the Live controller one wants to "aftertouch"
- assign the CC from aftertouch by pressing a key, there comes a note but press harder and there comes a CC.
Note that the Min value in Midi Map should probably not be 0, but a value that can be smoothly taken over by aftertouch.

(More on aftertouch support in live @ http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic. ... aftertouch)

Hold, Express and Modulation
Not to sure what to do with these, so they are mapped to CC values

I have now just mapped them to CC values and one can Midi Map them.
I didn't seem to be able to get "Modulation" out of Live (don't know if there is support or how to get it)
Hold and Express: if someone can tell me how it is supported in Live ....

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Final Version

Post by oxo » Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:13 pm

Final Version
- maybe

Trackarm still doesn't work: pain
- anyone who get's them to work, PM me please

Aftertouch solved, press and press a bit more to Midi Map the CC to a Live control.


Final version -maybe not...
On the other hand, just found this, which may dictate which CC I should use for Modulation, Hold, Express etc
-anyway, I'm gonna enjoy playing with Live for a while to see what might be changed.
-I may take some of the things in with revamp of maps
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Tranzport Emulation

Post by oxo » Thu Jan 10, 2008 7:07 pm

Tranzport Emulation


It should be "doable" to "solve track arm problem" by emulating Tranzport
http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic. ... +emulation
- shows using just one button mapped for track arm: but I will try and emulate tranzport as the doc for this is "available".

If anybody else has done it for PCR-X00 Series, please post so I don't have to do it myself...

There are 8 buttons "wasted" in connection with arm with automap
- plus I don't really use the BankXButtons to much: mostly use Prev/Next Bank
So there are at least 16 buttons for Tranzport (there are also extra buttons available in the "transport" section of the PCR which have labels like the functions of Tranzport)
Not sure about the jogger, but R9 could be used.

The first tests will be to see if I need to use a Latched or Unlatched button
- it would be nice with Latched -> LED light

Doc of functions used with Live

Code: Select all

Not formatted yet...

TranzPort Button and Data Wheel Functions
Name Normal Function Shifted Function
REW Rewind Rewind 1 Bar
FFWD Fast Forward Fast Forward 1 bar
STOP Stop <not assigned>
PLAY Play Continue
RECORD Record <not assigned>
PREV Go to Previous Marker Jump to Start
ADD Add/Delete marker at current
<not assigned>
NEXT Go to Next Marker Jump to End
IN Toggle Punch In Set Loop Start
OUT Toggle Punch Out Set Loop End
PUNCH Fire Clip (Session View) Fire Scene (Session View)
LOOP Toggle Loop Mode Toggle View
Arrangement <> Session
< TRACK Previous Track (left/up) Previous Page
TRACK > Next Track (right/down) Next Page
REC Toggle Track’s Record Arm on/off Exclusive Record Arm
MUTE Toggle Track’s Mute on/off Clear all Mutes
SOLO Toggle Track’s Solo on/off Exclusive Solo
UNDO Undo Redo
DATA WHEEL Adjust Displayed Parameter 1 Adjust Displayed Parameter 2
FOOTSWITCH <not assigned> <not assigned>
Ref.: http://www.frontierdesign.com/download/ ... nzPort.pdf

Midi codes

Code: Select all

Not formatted yet...

Transport Controls
REW (Rewind).......................................Button Down: 90 5b 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 5b 00 MIDI IN
FFWD (Fast Forward)............................Button Down: 90 5c 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 5c 00 MIDI IN
STOP......................................................Button Down: 90 5d 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 5d 00 MIDI IN
PLAY......................................................Button Down: 90 5e 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 5e 00 MIDI IN
RECORD Button and LED.....................Button Down: 90 5f 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 5f 00 MIDI IN
LED On: 90 5f 7f MIDI OUT
LED Off: 90 5f 00 MIDI OUT
Track Controls
<TRACK (Previous Track)....................Button Down: 90 30 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 30 00 MIDI IN
TRACK> (Next Track)...........................Button Down: 90 31 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 31 00 MIDI IN
REC (Arm) Button and LED..................Button Down: 90 00 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 00 00 MIDI IN
LED On: 90 00 7f MIDI OUT
LED Off: 90 00 00 MIDI OUT MUTE Button and LED.........................Button Down: 90 10 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 10 00 MIDI IN
LED On: 90 10 7f MIDI OUT
LED Off: 90 10 00 MIDI OUT
TranzPort Native Mode Version 1.0, Nov 17, 2004 Page 4
SOLO Button and LED..........................Button Down: 90 08 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 08 00 MIDI IN
LED On: 90 08 7f MIDI OUT
LED Off: 90 08 00 MIDI OUT ANY (Any Solo) LED....................................LED On: 90 73 7f MIDI OUT
LED Off: 90 73 00 MIDI OUT
Punch / Loop Controls
IN............................................................Button Down: 90 57 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 57 00 MIDI IN
OUT........................................................Button Down: 90 58 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 58 00 MIDI IN
PUNCH Button and LED.......................Button Down: 90 78 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 78 00 MIDI IN
LED On: 90 78 7f MIDI OUT
LED Off: 90 78 00 MIDI OUT LOOP Button and LED Button Down: 90 56 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 56 00 MIDI IN
LED On: 90 56 7f MIDI OUT
LED Off: 90 56 00 MIDI OUT
TranzPort Native Mode Version 1.0, Nov 17, 2004 Page 5
Marker Controls
PREV (Previous)....................................Button Down: 90 54 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 54 00 MIDI IN
ADD........................................................Button Down: 90 52 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 52 00 MIDI IN
NEXT......................................................Button Down: 90 55 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 55 00 MIDI IN
UNDO.....................................................Button Down: 90 4c 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 4c 00 MIDI IN
SHIFT.....................................................Button Down: 90 79 7f MIDI IN
Button Up: 90 79 00 MIDI IN
FOOTSW (Footswitch)...................Footswitch Down: 90 67 7f MIDI IN
Footswitch Up: 90 67 00 MIDI IN
DATAWHL (Data Wheel)..........Data Wheel Change: b0 3c nn MIDI IN
where nn: forward 01 – 3f
backward 41 – 7f
Note: When changing, the data wheel is updated via the MIDI IN port at a maximum rate of about once every 15 msecs, although it is polled internally at a much higher rate. Therefore, the Data Wheel message contains the number of positive or negative ticks since the last Data Wheel message.
4 ticks clockwise rotation: 90 3c 04
3 ticks counterclockwise rotation: 90 3c 43
Ref.: http://frontierdesign.com/download/pdf/ ... ve_1_3.pdf

Midi numbers ...

Needed a little hex -> dec list for the buttons, so:

Code: Select all

Midi messages
Seem to be working only on channel 1

Buttons send 90 XX 7F/00: a "note"
Shift works well when latched.

Func   Hex Dec

Transport Controls
REW    5b  91
FFWD   5c  92
STOP   5d  93
PLAY   5e  94
RECORD 5f  95

Track Controls
<TRACK 30  48
TRACK> 31  49
REC    00  00
MUTE   10  16
SOLO   08  08

Punch/Loop Controls
IN     57  87
OUT    58  88
PUNCH  78  120
LOOP   56  86

Marker Controls
PREV   54  84
ADD    52  82
NEXT   55  85

UNDO   4c  76
SHIFT  79  121

DATAWHL: pain ...
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Post by oxo » Sat Jan 12, 2008 9:59 am


Added a control map to emulate tranzpose, prc-tranz6

I have no solution for emulating the Data Wheel
- it is a bit hard as the Data Wheel is "endless" and sends a bit strange.
I don't think it will be possible to emulate it on the PCR, but please prøve me wrong.

Otherwise, many things working if they don't use Data Wheel (marked with *):
Remember to enable Tranzpose control surface on pcr-2.
(and download the control map of course...)


Code: Select all

A1-8:    <TRACK  TRACK>  REC            MUTE             SOLO          REW FFWD UNDO
Normal: <Track   Track>    TgTrackRec  TgTrackMute  TgTrackSolo Rewind FForward Undo 
Shift:  PrevPg*    NextPg*    [NONE]         ClearMute      ExclSolo      <1Bar  1Bar> REDO

B1-8:    IN              OUT             PUNCH     LOOP    PREV    ADD       NEXT  SHIFT
Normal: TgPunchIn  TgPunchOut  FireClip    TgLoop  <Mark  +/-Mark  Mark> Shift
Shift:    LoopStart*   LoopEnd*      FireScene TgView   Start    [NONE]   End   [NONE]

L1-4      REV       STOP     PLAY      RECORD
Normal: Rewind   Stop      Play       Record
Shift:     <1Bar   [NONE]   Continue [NONE]

Using Notes (127) on Channel 1 pcr-2

Latched:  Shift
Unlatched: "The rest"

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Post by UnCL0NED » Thu Jan 17, 2008 8:48 am

Hey oxo,

I would just like to thank you for sharing this info with us.
I recently bought a Edirol PCR 800 and I wasn't very content with the midi config that Roland put on their own website. But the automaps you provided were just what I wanted. It is a shame that the trackarmbuttons are not working, though... I've also adjusted the presets a bit, for my own workflow, and assigned a few midimaps in my template in Live, but in general I use the same setup.
I've also noticed that with the sendknobs there is a "click" at 64. I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of that if you want to, to make smooth sweeps!


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Post by oxo » Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:12 am

It was a pleasure to be able to produce something that others could use :)

I am waiting a bit with an alternative mapping in connection with workflows,
if you have a good workflow, post the mapping and the workflow description

There is now an emulation of Tranzport, this kan trackarm the track in focus
- the PCR can navigate to the track as Tranzport has up/left down/right navigation (which is mapped to pads on PCR
Try it and see if it helps

I think the dead zone comes from Ableton Live and not the controller
- I am "pretty sure" I haven't enabled it in the control map
This has to be checked

IF there is no deadzone enabled on PCR, can you start a thread to see if Ableton has an automatic deadzone, and if it can be disabled ...
(I seem to remember noticing this function when making the map, but have not done anything further)

I will double check click this evening, and perhaps find some form of midi monitor to see if the CC's from the PCR are constant

I'll post with results at some stage ...

I have checked that the PCR Control maps don't have "Virtual Center Click" ebabled (this is possible in the PCR Editor)
- as I said, I remember that I noticed that there was a dead area even without virtual center click, and have presumed that the dead area is from Live. No proof yet of this
I have posted with a question in bugs and problems
http://www.ableton.com/forum/viewtopic. ... 639#619639

I hope to have time to do a total review on the mappings within the next 2 weeks, so all input welcome...

br Owen
Owen Brotherwood, Denmark.

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Post by UnCL0NED » Fri Jan 18, 2008 11:33 pm

Hey, thanx again... Also for posting a new thread about the deadzone. Would be most helpfull. I will be looking into this Tranzport which sounds most interesting, when I'm behind my own pc again!

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Post by LiquidFix » Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:04 pm


You're a pimp, I was a using an automap I quasi made during live 6, upgraded to 7, did something to the automap and now that sucker is jacked. You just saved me so much time I don't know where to start
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