Using Mobius on Ableton

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Using Mobius on Ableton

Post by wendyphua » Thu Apr 10, 2008 4:20 pm

Hi, I'm rather green in things to do with midi so don't mind me asking this silly question. How does one go about using Mobius on Ableton? I'm using it as a plugin on an audio track but that's as far as I went.

Can someone explain to me how I should set my midi or audio tracks on Ableton to use Mobius? And would anyone know the settings for FCB1010 to work with Mobious?



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Post by revA » Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:37 am

hey there

i recently discovered this nice plugin and use it quite often now. i have it in a return track so i can route everything i like to it.
for controling: i use my boss fc-50 midipedal to control some functions in moebius: record, overdub, reset, mute und reverse. i set up a miditrack with input fc-50 (in your case, where the fcb is connected to) and output to the return track where moebius is in, then set monitor on this track to in, so everything that is recieved there gets transfered to moebius. then i used the midilearn feature in moebius to connect the programm change messages from fc-50 to the commands in moebius, its really easy, just select the function you want to control, click learn, kick the pedal and your ready. moebius automatically maps the functions to the active loop. and your ready to go. and i recommend ready the manual on this this.
if you use your midipedal to control other things too, just set the monitor in the controltrack to auto, and only switch rec on when you need to control moebius.


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Post by wendyphua » Sat Apr 12, 2008 7:29 am

Hi, thanks but I've already managed to get my looping set up working with help from someone else. But thanks a bunch for trying to help!



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Post by wendyphua » Sat Apr 12, 2008 7:29 am

Hi, thanks but I've already managed to get my looping set up working with help from someone else. But thanks a bunch for trying to help!


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Post by Atomikat » Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:50 pm

Great music Wendy... :wink:

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Post by wendyphua » Mon Apr 14, 2008 1:11 pm

Atomikat wrote:Great music Wendy... :wink:
thanks Atomikat!

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Post by MKS » Thu May 01, 2008 5:38 pm

I've created a couple of Live sets (Live6) which work with Mobius. In both Mobius is on a return track so you can choose how much of the signal gets sent. Note that there is a MIDI track which takes input MIDI commands / notes and sends these to Mobius.

Mobius 8 track - takes a single input audio signal and sends it to Mobius. The 8 individual Mobius tracks / channels then send their signal back to Live. I've never really used this in anger, just set it up to see how far Mobius would go.

Mobius Basic again takes one single audio input, but I've set up Track 1 to send to Mobius and to an FX Channel with "Wet" FX which in turn are passed into Mobius. On a crossfade channel is the same input signal but sent to "Dry" FX channel which again is sent on to Mobius. Note that the "Dry" channel actually has a little compression and reverb on it. I set things up like this so that I could include radical FX on Return B and more subtle FX on return C. Crossfading via a MIDI expression pedal allowed me to change between the two seamlessly without having to click on the interface.

I've also got an XML file for my preferred control assignments in Mobius and a SYSEX file for the FCB1010 settings I use.

Hope this lot is useful in getting folks started in using Mobius in Live.

Most of my early music was done exclusively using Live and Mobius. Track MKSTrack1bcomp on my webpage was recorded in one take.

Files are available here: ... 819f51c7a6

All the best,
Mike (aka Hank Spaniel)

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Re: Using Mobius on Ableton

Post by yousefk » Wed May 17, 2017 10:53 pm


I'm using Mobius as an audio track and routing it to two different audio tracks following it, so the signal chain is "Instrument------>Mobius plugin in an audio track------>Track 1------->Track 2-------Track 3------>Master"

In ableton when i route the audio and midi out to a Mobius track all it is giving me is (ght 1-Mobius 2 - ft 2-Mobius 2 - ght 2-Mobius 2) and it is working with both the vocal and the guitar where i set the vocal to ght 1-Mobius 2 (in Mobius it is set to Input 1 output 1) and the guitar to ft 2-Mobius 2 (in Mobius the track set to Input 2 output 2), BUT when i'm routing any other track to the third one (ght 2-Mobius 2) it is interrupting with the guitar channel in Mobius and record it as well.

So let's say i routed a midi instrument track (Komplete Kontrol from NI) to Mobius audio track routing it to ght 2-Mobius 2) and in Mobius on track three i name it Keyboard and set Input to 3 and Output to 3, but it is actually being recorded from the guitar track (which was set to input 2 output 2) and there will be no sound from the Keyboard track i set, and when i set it to Input 2 output 2 or 1 it is collecting also the guitar sound. So basically both of them are stuck in Input 2 with Output 1 and 2. WHY???!!!

I want them all in three different loop tracks completely independent.

Is there anyone having these names (ght 1-Mobius 2 - ft 2-Mobius 2 - ght 2-Mobius 2) when routing Mobius in Ableton? Is there a way to get more than these two?

I will never leave you alone until i solve this haha, so bear that, no seriously, i'm so determine to do it, i will not give up !

Cheers !

I'm running macbook pro retina display with Ableton Live 9 64 bit using JBridge and Mobius 2.5. and i'm using Apollo Twin Duo with ADAT to Audient asp880.

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