Tempo problems

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Tempo problems

Post by blingstef » Thu Jun 19, 2008 3:46 am

Hi how are you doing? I hope that somebody will help me on this one...
Here my problems with the tempo:

1. Let's say that i am makiing a track at tempo 90 bpm and i close the set. The next time that i open the set , the clips are always at 120bpm. The main tempo remains at the tempo i have set the first time (90), but my clips are at 120 bpm now (like i recorded the first time at 120 bpm). i want all my clips to stay at the same tempo that i have set at the beginning. How can i repair that? i am using live 7and i did not have this problem with live 6.

2. I have another problem. Let's say that i recorded (midi) some drums, snare, snaps at main tempo 100bpm. All my clips of all my tracks (drums. snares...) are at 100 bpm tempo but when i render the tracks individually (using ''Render all tracks'') they are no more at 100 bpm. They don't even have the same tempo between each other (but i am sure that i recorded them at the same tempo). The drums would be for example 110 bpm, the snares 105 bpm, etc...
Where is the problem in that? i would really appreciate if someone helps me. Thank you.
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