Logic on Mac to Live on PC ?

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Logic on Mac to Live on PC ?

Post by spekt » Tue Jul 06, 2004 8:46 pm

The Setup:

PC Laptop running Live 4.0 [Slave]
Tascam US - 224 MIDI out to MIDI Sport 2x2
OSX G4 Using Logic 6.0 [Master]

My laptop sends messages fine back and forth thru the “224 to the Midi Sport” [He also has a US 33 but we thought the midi sport would be easier] but not the other way around. What settings should I set in Logic to send Midi Clock Messages to Live?


Rob White

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I do it all the Time...

Post by head » Mon Aug 02, 2004 9:22 pm

Well, I'm not in front of my MAC and PC just now, but you'll have to ensure:
_ that your USB port in Logic is assigned to the right out to reach the PC.
(Unsure about the midisport specifically, but the principle is the same)...and that applies to each logic track (for which you should have a midi channel open from your Multi instrument in the Logic Environment activated for each trach from which you want to trigger a VSTi hosted by Live4, for instance) (slightly more simple if yu just want to Sync the two machines without passing Data between them...)

_ That you have your syncronisation settings on MTC checked the right way in Logic

_ Check your sync settings in Live, of course, as well (midi and sync ins)

Hope that helps.
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