Rebellion - a framework to access Native Instruments devices via NIHA/NIHIA (IPC)

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Rebellion - a framework to access Native Instruments devices via NIHA/NIHIA (IPC)

Post by terminar » Sun Jun 20, 2021 1:43 pm

Today i want to go public with a project i am tinkering a bit within the last month in
my spare time.

From the at

--- cut ---
Rebellion is an ongoing project which lets you use Native Instruments devices
(such as a Maschine MK3 or the Komplete Kontrol MK2 keyboards) outside the
Komplete Kontrol or Maschine software. Of course it is currently possible without
Rebellion to access some of the functions via MIDI without any additional software
but that's limited.

Rebellion tries to break these limitations by adopting a proprietary IPC protocol
which is used by Native Instruments itself when passing data between the Maschine
and Komplete Kontrol software to NIHA/NIHIA (the Native Instruments Hardware
Agent/Native Instruments Host Integration Agent "services").
--- cut ---

TL;DR: Developers can write software using this library and just access the hardware.
USB hacking, killing NI services, ... is not needed anymore.

- complete access to buttons, pads, leds, ..., displays (in case, device has displays)
- automatic state-management and event dispatch
- ...

The project also contains a gateway which (when ever finished) - can give access to the
devices via OSC.

The use cases/plans are a better integration of NI devices in the future for:
- Reaper (via reaKontrol)
- Ableton (via OSC + device scripts)
- Desktop control (widgets, button presses, think of it like an elgato stream deck on steroids)
- <insert your idea>

- This is an ALPHA version, going from "proof of concept" to the public! It's not a finished product!
- Currently this is targeting developers and testers who want to support this project and idea behind it
- This may stop working if Native Instruments changes the basic protocol
- Many devices are not mapped yet (take a look at the about the meaning)

If you have any questions, just contact me (write PM, email, join the Discord).


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