why ABLETON support sucks?

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Re: why ABLETON support sucks?

Post by aklisiewicz » Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:04 am

Quite often, at the moment I express my opinion about Ableton on the forum I'm already after several communication attempts with Ableton Rep. I 'm rather patient person but I do not have unlimited patience. I remember the service Ableton provided after I purchased LIVE-3. It was smooth and acurate. Altough software have had issues I could not complain on Support Tem at all.

At the time of LIVE7 or so things started to change and around LIVE9 got very bad. I was stupid enough to believe this is temporary problem. So Live was slightly improving but Support was getting worse in logarythmic scale. So first bad move was my upgrade from 7 to 9, the even worse decission was upgrade to Live-10. Why ? Simply because for all the money I paid I could get other product. Would other product be better ? I do not know. I don't have god opinion about NI as well although they deal with much broader range of users. Amazingly they are from Germany as well. It seems like German products decline every year in quality. Cars are not like they used to be, software is not the best and in general German products slowly loosing they reputation.

I'm always super nice and polite when sending first message to Ableton, then 2nd, 3rd etc, but when I reach 5-6 messages and some idiot keps asking the same questions by sending automated messages, not reading my replies, or asking to do something completely unrelated to the issue I GET PISSED OF !
Then I am not nice anymore. If I got this product for free - it would be rude to ask for so much but....

I FCKN PAID FOR IT ! 3-4 month earlier, and cannot get even one bug resolvbed in 3 months ?????

so somebody say I should be nice ? I should be polite ? to some crepy employee who should be fired long time ago ?

Perhaps the problem is that ABLETON CEO does not realize there is a problem with Support, and that's why I'm ranting about it, because I hope that somebody who can make decissions can get those ignorants who I deal with finally fired !

I'm a software developer myself and work with software for alsmost 40 years. If I would provide support like Ableton I would be out of business today. My software is not of that scale and different market but general rules of service are the same.

I suggest everybody who is not Ableton user yet to consider purchasing another software because I do not see many chances that Ableton support would improve anytime soon. Last 2-3 years dealing with Ableton was for me a total disaster, and I have to mention that I do not use LIVE daily, as it would be complete nightmare to deal with the issues while being on some schedule with timelines etc.

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Re: why ABLETON support sucks?

Post by jestermgee » Thu Sep 19, 2019 10:01 am

- Disable UAC on your computer (completely disable it, pull the slider down to the bottom... OFF)
- Restart your system
- do NOT (I repeat, DO NOT) run Ableton in Administrator mode, deselect the administrator launch mode
- do not run in compatibility mode either

Probably more than I care to really help you because you have been playing the same fiddle about Ableton for 9 years :roll:

I had the same issue as you with files not able to be dragged into live from Windows just this week, again, and could not drag MP3 or WAV into Live (just get a "not allowed" icon). After a few minutes of research I found that (against my own judgement) Live should NOT be run as an admin and UAC can create issues with the priorities given to the user for drag and drop so switch it off completely (search UAC in the windows search then set slider to the bottom). I could almost guarantee I could fix your issue via Teamviewer but not something I would want to get myself rolled up in there...

You really need to keep in mind the issue you are having is more than likely an issue with Windows and your access settings and not Live. Someone of your age should have learned by now how to keep a lid on your emotions and surely if you are a programmer, and had any actual sense to see the forum is not filled with people that have your same issue that it's not specifically a Live issue. Yes people have had this issue, i've had it twice now, but in all cases it's an OS permission issue, not Live :roll:

As most people have echoed, Ableton's support and contact is actually pretty damn good and I can certainly not agree with anything you say

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