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 Post subject: I’m investigating the teaching of Live 1 on 1 online
PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:23 pm 

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Hello all,

I’m wondering if teaching Ableton over the internet is a possibility. At this point I’m not sure this is something that is able to be done from a technical perspective. For an effective teaching environment, I believe I’ll need the following:

Full webcam functionality (preference for audio and video, however audio only may work).
The ability to send my Ableton output to my student in stereo.
The ability to receive my student’s Ableton output in stereo.
The ability to mix the levels of the microphone and the outputs.
The ability to share screens for both teacher and student.
Something that works on both Mac and Windows is preferred.

Is anyone aware of an off the shelf solution for something like this?




 Post subject: Re: I’m investigating the teaching of Live 1 on 1 online
PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:47 pm 

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There are several platforms that teach online - although I'm just not sure how they go about it. I use TeamViewer to help troubleshoot questions regarding Live over the internet. I've only done it one way - meaning it's me seeing their screen and also being able to manipulate their Live Set. I get to hear basic stuff like the test tone which is usually what I just need when troubleshooting audio interface issues. None of the people I helped with troubleshooting though made it far enough that we need to hear each others DAW output in a critical sense (like sound designing or something of that nature). Some of the MOOCs I participated in used video lectures to discuss their syllabus - gave homework - and then off course was peer reviewed. The Instructor would then have kind of an online session where people could log in, listen and have dialogue regarding the past lecture.

I think the video lecture way is effective. At least when you share screens, chat, talk and listen to each others DAW - you already have something to talk about. I'm sure there's a more robust solution out there - although I haven't explored Teamviewer enough, it could have what you're looking for - cross compatibility for one - but is a pain when it comes to shortcuts because I tried teaching one who uses a Mac and I work on a PC and none of my shortcuts worked.

Bryan Dumaguina

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