Faith VS Atheism

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Re: Faith VS Atheism

Post by OvertoneZero » Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:29 am

Did you guys figure this shit out yet? Maybe someone can PM when we've solved it.

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Re: Faith VS Atheism

Post by Machinesworking » Mon Jun 28, 2010 12:59 am

H20nly wrote::lol: typical. this isn't even fun.
I had fun with it, until it became pretty clear that you have issues with gay people.
You have no idea whether the cartoonist is gay, but because YOU don't see equal rights for gay people as important you assume he is.
That's the first give away.
i already responded to your article. but I'll play along.
You did not respond to the article, why pretend you did?
its sad. I agree. totally. part of me thinks the court might not have done what they did because the guy is in his 70's and also in need of a nursing home... but i know as well as you that the complete disregard for his life choices was in play too.
OK there you responded, Deja Vu in reverse?
Pretty obviously none of it would have played out like it did if they were a straight couple, so I'm not sure what drives you to think the state was thinking of his best interests at all? Is it too painful to think that maybe without any rights gay couples can be targeted like this?
like i said in my post.. i have no issue with the equality aspect. but progress, please. :roll: this shits older than the bible you want to bash with it
Rome was tolerant until the religious conversion; Christianity is historically anti gay, it's not a big mystery that this is the case. Buddhism for instance is tolerant of gays, Catholics, Muslims, Protestants and Jews are not. They can choose to be tolerant, but their religion and an overall majority of their followers are not.

Gays are executed routinely in Iran, if you didn't know that I can understand your denseness about this, but that's the case. There have been isolated incidences of executions for similar non-crimes in Iran, (promiscuity etc.), but not at all on the frequency of gays. I hardly think any rational person could think in any way shape or form that Iran stopping this isn't progress. Please explain to me how you can? Most straight males are uncomfortable with gay issues, it's not unusual, it's also possible that you're just blissfully unaware of how bad it can be for gays, but none of that changes the simple fact that gays are routinely targeted for being gay. Sure in SF or other west coast cities it doesn't seem that way, but world wide it sure as hell is the case. You can't make fun of blacks anymore, or complain about civil rights issues, but you can dog a bit on gays.

Your initial reply to the cartoon stands as it is, an attempt to paint a cartoonist out as a 'gay crusader' in the hopes of making friends and influencing people who are also slightly homophobic into discrediting, again, a freaking cartoon. :roll: Now compare this with my response to the cartoon, I though it was funny, not accurate or anything, just funny, and I didn't even notice the 'gay' stuff, but face it, intolerance towards gays is a huge part of the Judaea-Christian-Muslim legacy.

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Re: Faith VS Atheism

Post by H20nly » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:41 pm

^ rather than me re-posting, you can read again. click on the page numbers on the lower right to go back. I don't feel like mind wrestling with you. I'm tired and a little hung over from going to pride in S.F. yesterday. it was fun. you should have been there!

the cartoon that you posted is lopsided. thats all. lopsided.
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Re: Faith VS Atheism

Post by LoopStationZebra » Tue Jun 29, 2010 1:31 pm

I came for the :lol:
But stayed for the :x

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