Solid state hard drives?

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Re: Solid state hard drives?

Post by H20nly » Sun May 08, 2011 7:18 pm

davepermen wrote: do i care if one dies after 5 years? no. so did most of my hdds, but at random moments, not at a moment you can prepare for.
this is a really good point.

davepermen wrote:musicians are not that heavy users of a disk. there are much worse things. actually, a simple guy browsing the web all day long might be more hurtful (tons of tiny random writes to the cache. ssds don't like that. and even then, they're made for it, so it won't kill them).
the OP never said whether or not he would be using the same computer for music creation that he uses for everything else, but temporary files from browsing and such are the kind of writes that i personally would rather make to a cheap platter drive than to an expensive SSD.

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