The Great Year

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Re: The Great Year

Post by drewbixcube » Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:10 pm

In hindsight, I suppose I presented no clear topic of discussion in my original post. The pyramids have no apparent connection to precession other than the theory they were built within specific alignments to the stars. I also see now I was perhaps naive to simply accept what was being presented in the video as fact. Wobble is widely accepted to exist, however not along the same timeline as the Great Year. It is also said the Great Year may simply be representative of our solar system orbiting the galaxy, and not of a binary star system. With these discrepancies aside, let me try to regain some semblance of a topic.

It's all to easy to dismiss ancient cultures as being primitive. Slap the word mythology on their beliefs and you instantly discredit any of their discoveries. Yet, what we are still in the middle of discovering today is that more often than not, what was once viewed as an attempt to understand their world through religion, was in fact an understanding of their world explained through religion.

In the grand scheme of things I suppose none of this truly matters. Live life to the fullest, etc. etc. Though I will not lose sleep tonight while pondering these questions, I still can't help but wonder, what will we discover next? Most likely, I won't be a part of the discoveries to come, let alone be the one to discover them. With that said, I bid you all a fond "carry on", as I resume stalking the M4L board.


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Re: The Great Year

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