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Re: Drip.FM

Post by Ryanmf » Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:04 pm

shadx312 wrote:I've been curious about the direct-to-vinyl releases but haven't gotten any, and am behind on the last couple Medicine Show releases, and there's more new stuff that's gotten my interest, so this is the ticket.
Stones Throw answered a few questions about this on their forums; Only Stones Throw releases will be included in the subscription. Anything on a sister/partner imprint won't be. Which means the Medicine Show series (Madlib Invazion); the recent DOOM rereleases (Metalface); Nguzunguzu, Mexicans With Guns, Lazer Sword, etc. (Innovative Leisure); Dimlite, Paul White, Mr. Chop, Natural Yogurt Band, Seu Jorge (Now-Again)—basically anything on this page isn't covered by the subscription.

It's kind of fucked. Now-Again, for instance, is run by Egon, the General Manager of Stones Throw. The label was conceived in large part so that Stones Throw wouldn't be inundated with re-releases, but now they're publishing as much new material as anything. At the same time, I understand how strategies like this would be a hard sell for artists on their rosters, and in particular would be difficult to integrate with the re-releases and compilations Egon's dealing with. Nevertheless, customers don't really give a shit about what goes into the hot dog, the product's either good enough to pay for or it's not.

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Re: Drip.FM

Post by regretfullySaid » Mon Jan 30, 2012 5:24 pm

Yeah thanks for mentioning that; I was about to find that out soon. I haven't subscribed because of that reason. Not by principle, just that I don't think there's enough I think I'll really dig for the price; more likely I'd be interested in something off an imprint.

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