Ableton 10 is obsolet!

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Re: Ableton 10 is obsolet!

Post by H20nly » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:19 pm

glad it helped.

good luck.

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Re: Ableton 10 is obsolet!

Post by Bulemy » Fri Jun 26, 2020 4:27 pm

Editing and audio waveforms. You should be able to simply "Draw" a sound wave directly on the track or in the audio editor, as implemented other DAW's. This function makes it possible to “Smooth” the signal, to avoid “Clicks”. Very useful and very easy to implement. Sad that this simple function there is not in one of the most popular DAW in the world (ableton). These are absolutely basic aspect of working with audio.

Draw waveform right in wavetable (Like serum). It very easy, you do not need to draw waves and transfer them from the operator.

lynier phase option of eq8. Useful for mastering. logic pro has.

dynamic option of EQ8 (Must have)

Comping, guys, 2020 year. We need it in 10.2

Pitch correction (has even daw which costs 200$, (logi), (cub) and even FL=D) / ARA2 support

MPE support

MULTIBAND FX'er (Like in BWS, You can create it in ableton, but it should be native)

A native LFO tool. And a much more flexible one than the M4L one that comes with Live Suite. (and indeed it would be useful to add another plugins)

Group freeze (would be nice, but not critical)

map SOLO button in chain.

Group and hide RETURN tracks. (Buses), => no limits on return tracks.

Native Loudness meter device. (LUFS, RMS) / integrated LUFS meter in ableton Limiter. Easy and useful.

Add a more flexible process of waveshaping with the ability to modulate from the volume level. We want Ableton to be the “Lego constructor” for creating anything else, right up emitting analog sound!

full-fledged fullscreen

disabling velocity sensitivity in midi keyboards.

Add the notation of knobs return tracks on the tracks so that when their number exceeds 5, it is easy to determine where the return is sent and what, or remake the send system altogether, make it convenient to use!

A way to quickly sample any synth with Ableton. Not just one waveform sample BUT actually for printing into a sample instrument/rompler like kontakt. For example, FL studio has a function like this: u can right click any software synth (say like SERUM) and click create sampled instrument = creates a nearly identical sampled instrument in DIRECTWAVE. Ableton can do the same with instrumental rack and sampler! It's easy and and just unbelievable!

a tool similar to the addison from fl for flexible work with a sample and spectral view information in an audio file.

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