Native Instruments announces NKS effects at NAMM 2018

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Native Instruments announces NKS effects at NAMM 2018

Post by mikb » Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:45 pm

NAMM 2018: Native Instruments announces NKS effects at NAMM 2018 - Waves and Softube revealed as launch partners
"These platform partners have configured their effects plug-ins for use with Komplete Kontrol keyboards, Maschine, and the Komplete Kontrol software."
Waves, Softube, Eventide, Sugar Bytes and …Ableton? :)
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Re: Native Instruments announces NKS effects at NAMM 2018

Post by jestermgee » Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:54 am

Well it's nice but honestly they need to focus on actually addressing users concerns about the new MK2 STILL not having some basic features the MK1 did such as keyboard splits.

Within a DAW environment I would much rather prefer to add effects in the traditional sense than loading them within KK. It would make sense for live performance if you could save the actual Instrument+FX chains as a single file but that is not even possible yet.

The next thing is actual NKS acceptance by developers. I currently maintain over 20 NKS libraries for the Komplete/Maschine platforms because the developers are still not willing to add it themselves and this is YEARS after NKS was rolled out.

Users could help fill the gaps quickly but NI have the NKS SDK under lock and key and unless you are a dev (or work with them like I do) you cannot get access to the SDK to create NKS files properly yourself.

Vendors such as Spectrasonics have said they have no plans to add NKS because it doesn't fit with their model and I have had that same kind of response from almost every developer I have written too asking about NKS (hundreds of them).

It's all just a way to sell units. It appears like it is the perfect solution but honestly, NKS covers about 3% of the instruments out there currently and I personally attribute at least 1% of that myself. Then there are 3rd party libraries. It's a shame because the actual product and software does work well, they will simply never get the majority of big instrument names to integrate NKS tho, and it's something that could benefit Push for instance, but never will because it's an NI "Standard" not a possible industry standard like VST was.

If you have any experience with NI you would probably agree it's just "one of those products" that has a lot of great marketing, sexy appeal but is missing some junk in the trunk.

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