Software release dates - what am I missing here?

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Software release dates - what am I missing here?

Post by granted » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:59 pm

TL;DR - Is there some kind of calendar for the music production industry?

So three major DAWs (that I'm aware of.) had major/minor updates in the last week or so. Ableton Live, Bitwig and Studio One.
Is there some kind of schedule that I'm unaware of for this stuff? Is it a coincidence? I'm kind of clued into the NAMM, MESSE, and AES cycles but some other cycles seem random but not random. I call the music software and hardware companies the Music Production Industry. I don't know if it has a real name but that's what I call it. Are there set schedules for the MPI? Most of these companies are not publicly traded so it's hard to tell if it's based on some business cycle (also my business knowledge is lacking.) If you have a link for my education that would be great.
Something like this but for hardware and software companies release cycles. ... list-2018/

Yes, I realize that the information I'm asking for may be "insider" and or "secret" but if you can confirm that it is secret then at least I could stop googling for nothing.

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Re: Software release dates - what am I missing here?

Post by Tarekith » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:28 pm

Just coincidence. :D

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