UserConfiguration.txt limitation

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UserConfiguration.txt limitation

Post by alapret » Wed Sep 26, 2018 2:11 pm


Ableton support told me they can't answer my questions because they have too much inquiries for problems regarding Live.

I am trying to make a UserConfiguration.txt script for my Doepfer Pocket Dial. So, two interrogations :

- I wonder if the script is limited to two sends/track on 8 tracks (16 knobs) or Am I missing something?
- When I manually map my Pocket Dial infinite encoders in Live, it works perfectly in "Relative (Signed Bit)" mode but I can't see this mode in the UserConfiguration.txt file. is it named differently, or what should I do for it to work properly ?

I hope I can find an answer here, thank you guys!

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Re: UserConfiguration.txt limitation

Post by fishmonkey » Thu Sep 27, 2018 12:48 am

it's been a long time since i've messed with those, but i'm 99% sure that you cannot add any new parameters to the template. the UserConfiguration.txt mechanism essentially gives you a quick and dirty way of hooking into generic control surface hooks in Live. it's really there as a fallback mechanism to use when Live doesn't have a customised control surface "instant mapping" for your controller.

i'm not sure if this answers one of your questions, but the setup is built around banks of 8 channels.

as for the encoders, you have a bunch of relative modes to choose from: ... ontrollers

in the UserConfiguration.txt file these correspond to:

# - LinearSignedBit
# - LinearSignedBit2
# - LinearTwoCompliment
# - LinearBinaryOffset
# - AccelSignedBit
# - AccelSignedBit2
# - AccelTwoCompliment
# - AccelBinaryOffset
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