Anyone used the Soundcraft Signature MTK22 to record and mix

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Anyone used the Soundcraft Signature MTK22 to record and mix

Post by miyaru » Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:13 pm

Anyone used the Soundcraft Signature MTK22 to record and mix? I like the idea of thet board mixing old and new using it alongside Ableton Live 10 suite and Push2.

If you used one:

* are the sonic qualities on par with regular audio interfaces such as a Focusrite?
* How is the building quality?
* Does it sound real Brittish?

Thanx in advance!!!
Greetings from Miyaru.

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Re: Anyone used the Soundcraft Signature MTK22 to record and mix

Post by Mattounet » Wed May 08, 2019 3:14 pm

Hi There!
New to Ableton--like brand new.

But, My Buddy & I Love the Signature 22--his X-Wife bought it for him for Christmas 2014/15--we sounded great.
We're in Our Late 40's "Getting the Band Back Together" & We've Been Trying to Record Better than an iPhone Recording.
So, We Ordered a Roland VS-2480 with a CD-ROM--it arrived broken & the Seller is MIA--greaaaaat.

I Already Have Ableton Live Suite 9.7 or whatever--don't use it--and, Push 2?
-just don't GET that thing.
I Don't Write in Accidents... err, I can actually play.

So, We Ordered the Familiar Soundcraft Signature MTK22--THIS Unit Comes with USB--No Need for a MIDI Interface--although I have the FocusRite PreSonus AudioBox 44 VSL or whatever.
PLUS, with 22 Tracks We Can Record the Way We Write--Live.
On Top of That, It "Supposedly" Goes Right into Ableton--which we still haven't done yet.
In fact, I'm watching some YouTube videos now.

Guys a LOT Long-WInded, but He Shows You How to Use Both Together--maybe not the video above...
Maybe it's this one.


Ideally, we will be recording everything we EVER do, & then "Ableton-ing" it together to create the perfect tracks.

We're extremely electronic, about 8 pieces of hardware, an R-8 & vocals.
We Want to Be Able to Record It ALL AT ONCE--which the 22 tracks allow--supposedly--in theory.

The Sound.
We Love It!
We're Not Doing Much More than Adding Effects & Leveling Our Inputs, but I've Read We Can Mix It in Ableton & Back Out into the Sig MTK 22 & Back into Ableton.

I Can't Frickin' Wait!
I can't wait to hear what the Track sounds-like in my car, iPod, Burned to CD et al.

What's the Hold-Up?
Unfamiliar Gear Used by 2 Old Guys Who Work, Have Families & No Time.

Whether You Know What You're Doing, or You Don't, Soundcraft Makes a Great Product.
We bought it again with today's Tech (USB) because we liked the Sig 22 so much.
And, Ableton is not exactly pretending to be a DAW.

Good luck-

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