Live 10.0.6 Mac Mini 2018 10.14.4 Screen Sharing = Freezes MacOS

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Live 10.0.6 Mac Mini 2018 10.14.4 Screen Sharing = Freezes MacOS

Post by hpunyon » Mon Apr 01, 2019 2:12 am

About to return the following Mini to Apple on the 14th day (Tuesday.) Read all about the T2/USB2 glitch after the purchase, but "luckily" Apple released 10.14.4 last week, which I installed, not because of the T2 issue (I hadn't gotten that far) - please read on. FYI, my USB interface is the MOTU Ultralite Mk4.

The Mini: 2018, 6-core32GB/512GB, 3.2Ghz 6xCore i7 - Ableton Live 10.0.6 Suite, fresh install (twice, after a manual uninstall/cleanup suggested by Ableton.)

The intention was to run this Mini live on stage (to upgrade from a MBP 2015). The plan was to demote the MBP (I own a couple) to be a Screen Share client, to avoid the "clumsy" of portable LCD/keyboard/trackpad - GB Ethernet back-to-back - the simplest "network" on the planet.

The issue - WITHOUT a "Dummy Plug" (HDMI Emulator) Live 10 will NOT display ANY content - only the top menu and BLANK window(s) appear - 100% unusable. WITH a Dummy Plug, Live 10 will run and appear normal, but in short order (minutes) bogs down not just itself, but the whole Mini. I've tried two different HDMI Emulators, and a number of different resolutions - so, also 100% unusable.

NOT off to a promising start.

All other applications (e.g., all the pre-installed apps, including Garage Band), and MAX 8 (the only other app I've installed/licensed on this Mini) have NO display or performance issue running WITHOUT or WITH the Dummy Plug - only Live 10.

I think this is pretty clearly a Live 10 problem, however it was during an Ableton Team Viewer session late last week that the "fix" was to "connect a monitor" with no acknowledgement of the population of "stage" users who would need Screen Sharing to work. Ableton did not even mention the Dummy Plug; I had to research that on my own.

Posting this in the hopes that someone is ahead of me in this learning curve and will provide a usable suggestion for Live 10/Mac Mini on stage setup, or a fix for this issue.

I plan to call both Ableton and Apple tomorrow - I will not keep a 2K+ Mini and the Live 10 upgrade, and then wait around "in case" one/both of the Firms decide to acknowledge and fix this problem.

MANY THANKS to anyone to may have some ideas or even questions.

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Re: Live 10.0.6 Mac Mini 2018 10.14.4 Screen Sharing = Freezes MacOS

Post by gazzgman » Wed Aug 07, 2019 11:10 pm

Same problem, would love to know the outcome!

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