Live 10/Push 2/Mac mini mid 2010

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Live 10/Push 2/Mac mini mid 2010

Post by billpayer » Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:41 pm

Hello all,
I've been making music solely on the Novation circuit for the past few years as my Mac mini has been too painful to use, slow boot, beach ball etc. I was going to purchase a new Mac mini, but with the amount I use it, I can't really justify the cost.
So I thought I'd upgrade the mini to ssd. But does anyone know whether the core 2duo with 8Gb of RAM would be up to running a simple live 10 project with a push 2?
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Re: Live 10/Push 2/Mac mini mid 2010

Post by jmouse » Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:31 am

I have a 2nd hand late 2012 Mac mini.
It has a 4core i7.
I removed the original hard drive and put in a 500 gig SSD plus a 1 TB high-speed hard drive with 16 gigs of RAM.
This is working really well with live 9.77.
I bought this just before the new minis came out. It cranks along very nicely.
A c2d mini 2010 is probably getting a bit slow for what you want.

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