Mac/Windows performance

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Mac/Windows performance

Post by orbita » Sat Sep 28, 2019 8:20 pm


Ok..I'm not looking to start a mac vs windows debate. Just looking for some hard numbers comparing per track plugin performance between windows and osx.

I've been running a hackintosh with X99/5820k cpu 6cores @ 4ghz and the motherboard died and I'm debating either a real mac, or going windows because dealing with Hackintosh is too much of of a faff.

However, when I briefly tried Ableton under windows I was getting much fewer plugins on a single track than under OSX using the same hardware.

This was with RME babyface drivers using the same buffer size.

Is this normal/expected?

Has anyone else got numbers that show relative performance on the same hardware for windows/osx?

Also does anyone use one of the new 2019 8 core imacs with the 9900k chip? How does it compare with the top Windows PCs performance wise?

Thanks, Tom

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