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Re: Apple silicon

Post by replicant6 » Wed Aug 26, 2020 2:47 pm

The iPad Pro was going head to head with MBP 13” in benchmarks two years ago. The issue with pro audio apps on iPad isn’t power. It’s getting developers behind it. If you dig into all the WWDC info, you’ll see that Apple is making it easy to develop and deploy apps across all their platforms (MacOS intel/silicon, iOS, iPadOS, tvOS). This will incur minimal costs to developers, while expanding their platforms. in fact, Apple is implementing some sort of universal purchase. You will be able to buy one app license and run the app across platforms. Personally think that this is a huge boon for everybody. And I think we will see developers deploy for multiple platforms a lot sooner than we expect. I personally would love to see Reason and Ableton on my iPad. Reason in particular seems perfectly suited for a touch interface. Just my personal preference, but I hate being ball-and-chained to a desktop, getting a cramp in my neck and my mouse arm. And now that iPadOS will have full mouse, keyboard, and trackpad support… Why not?

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Re: Apple silicon

Post by Pasha » Sat Aug 29, 2020 1:26 pm

Personally, I like Live as a computer program rather than tablet app. However some simplified Live version for tablet might arrive but I don't see how this would fit in. Even Apple did not push for Logic on the iPad. Garageband is good enough to play with but IMHO far from professional use especially because DAW is a component of complex setups and you need standard connections to make it work. Today's iPad offering looks limited in the way it handles those setups.
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