Live 11 web page - name that display

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Live 11 web page - name that display

Post by michelstirner » Wed Dec 23, 2020 3:12 pm

can anyone name the display as showed on the web page for the coming live 11 update? really like the design!

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Re: Live 11 web page - name that display

Post by granted » Sun Jan 10, 2021 4:47 pm

It's likely fake. Look at the studio monitor on the left, the left studio monitor is "skewed" incorrectly. Bad photoshop.
It's just a fake instagram ready marketing image.
All the manufacturer logos are gone or obscured, likely to avoid copyright issues.
It's like some boomer hired a gen x to subcontract to a millennial to market to a gen z.
Bucket list time:

MPC: check
Vintage synth: check
Vintage tape delay: check
Workstation keyboard: check
Vague PC workstation: check
Monstera plant: check
DJ controller: check
Cirklon sequencer: check
Vintage mixer: check
Vintage sampler: check
Vinyl turntable: check
Recent Moog: check

The marketing image is basically saying: look at all the expensive unobtanium shit in my studio I don't use anymore because I have Ableton Live. Effective, I think. Live does replace literally all of those dust collectors.

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