Current Beta Version: 8.2.2b1 (updated November 12, 2010)

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Current Beta Version: 8.2.2b1 (updated November 12, 2010)

Post by Ableton_David » Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:22 am

The current beta version of Live is 8.2.2b1

OSX: ... _822b1.dmg
Windows: ...


8.2.2b1 Release Notes

Improvements and feature changes

- Added bank names for Amp instant mapping, which in turn fixes a problem with the Axiom DirectLink control surface.
- Fixed problems with the Mbox2 related to non-integer sample rates.
- Added control surface support for Akai Professional LPD8.
- From now on, betas will ask to check for updates only once a week, and not on the first day you run them.


- Fixed a problem with nested Macro mappings when the range of a mapped ON/OFF switch, or of a selector switch (such as a filter type switch), is not at default values. In such a case, the right value would be displayed, but the wrong value would be used internally.

*Note*: with this fix, you will now hear what you see, although this may mean that previously saved Sets that contained the bug may sound different.

- Deleting time in the Arrangment View could delete crossfades in certain cases.
- When using an APC40 and Scratch Live, Scratch Live would sync to the APC but would not initially show the return tracks .
- If the VST plug-ins folder contained shorcuts/aliases to files in another location on disk, the folder would be rescanned each time Live starts. This has been fixed.
- When launching a scene with via Key/MIDI mapping or a control surface such as the APC40 while "Select on Launch" is enabled, the Master track became selected. This would result in the selected device switching to
the device on the Master track. Now, launching a scene via remote control behaves the same as when launching with the mouse; the device selection doesn't change.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking the status bar, while it displays "Media files are missing", and just after having adjusted a Macro knob.
- Fixed a crash that occurred when adding an audio clip, scrubbing in the clip detail view, and pressing Undo while the mouse was still down for scrubbing.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when switching between certain audio interfaces on a Mac