8.2.1 grouped tracks bug

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8.2.1 grouped tracks bug

Post by cotdagoo » Fri Jan 21, 2011 12:53 am

Just noticed a little weirdness when adding a track (ctrl-T) into a group with a grouped track selected.

I've got a master group track solo'd and able to hear each track within the group fine. However when I add a track into the group (ctrl-T) it doesn't inherit the solo setting from the master group track. So it doesn't output at all and appears greyed out like every other track that's not in the group.

If I drag the track from the group and re-drag it back to the group it will solo with the other tracks as it should.

Tested in both XP and Win7 with Live v8.2.1 - I didn't see anything in the v8.2.2b1 changelogs to suggest it was fixed so haven't bothered trying the beta.

To reproduce:

1. Group 2 tracks together
2. Solo the 'master' group track
3. Click on one of the 2 grouped tracks and create a new track (ctrl-T)
4. Notice the new track won't solo with the rest of the group until you drag it out, and then back in

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Re: 8.2.1 grouped tracks bug

Post by violetpow1 » Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:11 pm

The Ableton guys knows about this bug.
I send them a mail 3 weeks ago.

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