Suggestions for Live/M4L

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Suggestions for Live/M4L

Post by HfMT » Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:54 pm

I'm a newbie on this list. I'm currently developing a music editor in Max4Live, and based on my experiences I'd like to make a few suggestions. I assume that this a list that developers listen to?

Anyway, these are the items on my wish list:

1. I'd like to be notified when a MIDI Clip is (manually) changed by a user
2. The mute attribute of note should be in double format. This way, one could use this number as an index for additional note attributes defined in the music editor (such as articulation, dynamics, note heads, lyrics, etc.). This index could be used as reference in case of multiple transcriptions between Live and the music editor, preventing edits from being erased in the process. Indices should start with 2 or higher, since 0 and 1 have already been defined as muted off/on.
3. One should be able to query and set key signature changes from M4L. The result should contain position and nominator/denominator of the meter change.
4. It would also be desirable if one could set multiple loops with number of repeats. I'm aware of the fact that the same result could be achieved with automation, but multiple loops would correspond more clearly to notation paradigm with measures and repeat bars.


If anyone is interested in testing the music editor, drop me a line at

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