midi CC in racks with rack selector bug

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midi CC in racks with rack selector bug

Post by Muzik 4 Machines » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:11 am

probably still there in the new beta which i'm NOT using

in an instrument rack

set 2 chains

each one with an external instrument

set chain 1 midi out to ch 2
set another instrument rack on chain 2
in the rack put a number of chains with external instruments set to various midi outs(in my case split by velocity, but it could be key too), INCLUDING the one set in rack 1 chain 1

with a chain selector set rack 1 chain 1 to one position alone and chain 2 to a different position, also alone

for notes the device works as expected (select chain 1 notes go only to channel 2, set it to chain 2 the notes are distributed to all selected channels

it seems to work for pitchbend data too

but cc are transmitted to both the selected chain AND the not selected one, sending the cc automation from the clip/track to chain 1 (channel 2) AND all chains from chain 2 (cause the cc is not directed with velocity, it goes on all midi channels specified in the multivelocity/key rack instrument causing issues (and since the is no automation thinning it seems to send a crapload of value really fast over the midi bus, enough to choke my midi time piece)

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