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Ableton or Cockos have to fix?

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:58 pm
by llllll1111116

I get a bug beetween Live(master rewire) and Reaper(slave rewire) and VSTis inside Reaper. In that case who have to fix that?

Here is my message to the cockos support forum :

I use VSTs on reaper which rewired by Ableton live 8 (any release) and when I rendering, I get random crackles for the first 10 seconds by the VST on reaper. I don't get that when I render with the same project with Reason rewired for example.

I found a way to bypass randomly that bug : moving all the project +10min or -10min on the timeline...

Thanks to sending me a feedback. That problem is easy to reproduce.
Thanks! :)