READ ME before buying or selling a Live license on the forum!

Looking to sell or buy gear or software? Post about it here.
Please read the License FAQ before buying or selling a Live License:
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READ ME before buying or selling a Live license on the forum!

Post by Ableton_David » Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:11 pm

For Sale / Wanted is a subforum for posting gear and software that you're looking to sell, or are interested in buying.

Please note that not all software makers allow their products to be transferred to other users - please check thoroughly that this is possible before posting software for sale, and before buying any software posted here. Additionally, the License FAQ has specifics about transferring a Live License to another user:

You are not allowed to sell or share your Ableton account, all license transfers have to go through Ableton and are from one party to another. Additionally, we do not allow people to sell multiple licenses that were bundled with our hardware products, I.E. you buy multiple Push 2 and Live Suite bundles and attempt to sell them separately only to make a profit.

Anyone caught violating these rules will be warned once and then banned if they attempt it again.

Some specific things to note:
- An educational license can only be transferred to a user who qualifies for the Educational discount.
- A Suite License must be transferred in full - excepting Max for Live and Partner Instruments, users cannot sell pieces of a Suite License separately.

In rare cases, sellers purchased their copy of Live with a fraudulent credit card. If Ableton becomes aware of a fraudulently purchased license, we must disable it - even if it has already been resold to an unsuspecting secondhand buyer. If you are unsure about a secondhand offer, you can ask the seller to contact us at with you on CC, to get an official confirmation that the license is legitimate.

Please note that there are occasions when a license is verified by Support as legitimate and afterward is discovered to be fraudulently purchased. In these scenarios, we must disable any fraudulently purchased licenses even if they have already been transferred.

Purchasing second-hand licenses online are done at the customer's own risk. Ableton is not responsible for any transactions between individuals.

Be careful with sellers ranking only a few posts in the forums and/or recently registered, even if they do place nice smileys in their for sale thread...
Don't rush, especially if the price is excitingly interesting. There's always licenses on sale here so don't feel like you could be missing THE offer.
Always try to contact a few different sellers before making any decisions.

Finally, please remember to update your sales when a product has been sold, put SOLD in the Subject line of your post once complete.

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