Native Instruments products - to trade/sell for PUSH 2

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Native Instruments products - to trade/sell for PUSH 2

Post by bobbyduracel » Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:19 am

Hey, thanks in advance for looking!

I have the following up for grabs:

1. Maschine Studio controller (with or without software license)
2. NI S61 keyboard WITH serial #s for the standard "new product" software authorizations
3. Komplete 9 Ultimate crossgrade

I will take $550 for Maschine Studio- all S/H/fees on the buyer, or add the software license and we can call it $700 total - S/H/Fees will come out of my end. IT's like-new, all original boxes and materials... save $100!

NI S61 - I will take $550 - all S/H/Fees to the buyer. Like-new, in box, all original materials. Save hundreds!

K10U - I will take $500, after I confirm with NI that there will be no issues regarding a registration transfer. If an issue exists (ie- the upgrade was attached to my Maschine serial) we will have to get creative/disregard component 3 altogether. Whatever works, right? With the $500 K10U license + 399 on your end, you get Komplete 11 Ultimate at $300 below retail!

If you want to bundle Studio with K10 ultimate, we can talk about that as well.

My big sale/swap/buy is happening now. I'm willing to work out a trade if you have a Push 2 to unload. I would do a direct trade for my Maschine Studio with serials, in box, all like new... For your push 2 in the same shape. I don't need your ableton license. You keep Ableton if you like, just cover shipping with tracking/insurance on your end & I'll do the same on mine.

If the controller is in pristine shape, I'm interested in trades. Let's talk...

Thanks for looking!