Maschine Expansion Collection

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Maschine Expansion Collection

Post by bobbyduracel » Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:14 pm

I know - it's an Ableton thread, but maybe you just bought Maschine mk3 and/or Jam & you really want to get some expansion packs.

They retail for $49 each. I have every single one of them, something like 54 in total.

$999 and they're all yours. All of them. Yours. $999. One big transaction.

PayPal only, you eat the fees. Done.

If you would like Maschine with the expansions, I'll throw in the brand new Mk3 controller for $100 off retail as a bundle, or Jam for $100 off retail as a bundle.

Should you really want to go big, you can have Jam, MK3 and ALL expansions for $1800 shipped (USA only).

I have all of the original packaging, cables and stickers for the controllers. The packs will be a transfer through NI's Native Access to your account. Sale will be final, as we cannot undo the transfer once complete.

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