FOR SALE -> Xfer SERUM (VST, AU, AAX) OSX & WIN -> 89,00€

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FOR SALE -> Xfer SERUM (VST, AU, AAX) OSX & WIN -> 89,00€

Post by kunertmusic » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:29 am

I'm selling my Xfer SERUM License for 89,00 $. Here's how the license transfer works according to Steve Duda:

The new user must send $25.00 via paypal "send money" to which must be paid by the NEW license holder. This one fee covers multiple products on a single transfer to a single recipient.

Also they need to:

1) mention that they are aware of the license is NFR (not for resale)
2) mention you (license transfer from Your Name)
3) and optionally a different email address if they want it registered to one which is not their PayPal associated email address.

No serial numbers change hands / I blacklist the old one and issue the new license holder a new one.

Warm Regards,

So the total price of Serum will be 89,00 $ to me plus 25,00 $ to Steve Duda of Xfer -> 114,00 $ instead of 189,00 $!

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