7 Native Instrument Plugins For $199 - RRP $1100+

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Tom Edward
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7 Native Instrument Plugins For $199 - RRP $1100+

Post by Tom Edward » Fri Jul 24, 2020 6:09 pm

Hi, I'm selling 7 NI plugins -

Native Instruments The Giant - RRP ~$122
Native Instruments Heavocity Damage - RRP ~$340
Native Instruments Skanner XT - RRP ~$55
Native Instruments Solid Bus Comp FX - RRP ~$112
Native Instruments Solid EQ FX - RRP ~$112
Native Instruments Solid Dynamics FX - RRP ~$112
Native Instruments Heavyocity Evolve R2 - RRP ~$225

Cost me over $1100, get them all for $199!!

I have confirmed with NI for transferring the licenses, so they are ready to be transferred over to you today.

Get in touch if you're interested.

Kind regards,
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Re: Get 7 Native Instrument Plugins For $199 - RRP $1100+

Post by SmokeJamRepeat » Fri Jul 24, 2020 10:12 pm

If it helps anyone, I can vouch for this seller. I bought NI Strummed Acoustic 2 from him a week or more ago. The whole thing was done quickly as he already had the transfer code and it was with me minutes after the paypal payment.