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 Post subject: Zooming in/out Sticking Struggling
PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:19 pm 

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Okay getting a little dissapointed since last time i used live 8,which was fine even under 32bit, so now i have 64bit Processing in live I am encountering issues that make 32bit way more reliable, okay this is a beta and 9 is also due, so just sharing my finds and annoyances.

The latest being an issue i have encounterd in the past under 32bit, but only when running very large projects laydened with midi, when ararngment view is zoomed in its okay for this area zoooming around that, but once i start to get zoomed 1/4 to 1/2 way out, It sticks and struggles to zoom at any rate that is managble, quite akward and as of this new Song i only have about 4 vst and 4 audio lanes on all 64bit setup, and i was trying to use sends to create a delayed and effected fade to nothing before it bangs back in after this break, but its really awful to manipulate the zoom almost impossible to manage fine tune,even with the track not playing threw at the time.

i just dont want to have to do this again,but off course i will have too, Can anybody at ableton confirm anything here or know if its ben fixed for live 9, as if it aint or is not recognised, iam charging my bank back for a refund as i have only been back with live for a few days not that i want to have too do this,But its quite a big bug this,dissapointing to find,and i can not work on a daily basis with this, its bad enough their is no automation snap to grid, so throw in this zoom issue its making simple edits a mission, Really hoping this is known as i was all geared up for live 9, and in the past since Live 4 has never really given visable bugs on this scale apart from a few vst stability issues which where managble.

Thanks for your time and hopefully answer/reply too this.

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