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Extremely weird, my album is due in 3 days, please help me

Posted: Tue May 28, 2013 5:27 pm
by jjmilesaudio
I have a PPC G5 1.8 dual running 10.5.8. I running Abletonlive intro (will upgrade to 9 once I get a new mac.) I have done bunches on track in here but for some reason recently I can't load the stock vst instruments that come with Abletonlive in a new midi track so I can get buzy. when I load up old session the midi instruments are playing just fine, but still when I try to load a new vst into these again, it gives me no satisfaction. the midi channel shows it getting signal with the yellow mete byt beyond that I can't bring any instruments in to hear. The weird thing is that in the midi channel it says no option for master output? I use mpc 2000 and racks of external synths like proteus, but I don't understand why it won't allow me.. has anyone been thru anything similar to this? :) My album is due in 3 days and Im under the gun bang bang, Blessings. 8O