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Opening Ableton 8.2.2

Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2015 3:46 am
by Jimi VanHendrix
I had to re-instal 8.2.2 after having issues with audio dropping out,stuttering,and slow scrolling across the screen. But now I get a message saying that and error has occurred. I've had to re-instal before after a clean instal on my computer and had no issues. Hard/Software info: 64 bit OS,Dual Core,6GB Ram,Service Pack 1,M-Audio Oxygen 8 Controller,EZ Drummer with 3 EZX Packs and 2 Midi Packs. I've also dropped in tracks recorded at a studio using Nuendo. So does anybody know what the problem could be?

Thanks To Any & All For Any Help