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music won't let me load in from itunes (solved)

Posted: Sat Dec 19, 2015 10:33 pm
by Derek lj
I posted a while back saying that I was getting the forbidden sign (black circle with black line) appearing every time I tried to put a song from iTunes in to ableton live 9.
I was having the same trouble again and tried my own answer but even that was failing.
If you have the iTunes match you are in luck, or you can even purchase match off of iTunes.
I have found out that each song on iTunes is an M4P file and for some reason you can not load them in to ableton live 9.
I have solved this by putting the songs that I want in to a play list in iTunes, going to file and burn to disc, (options of burning to disc) space between files "none" and then burn it and let it finish what it is doing.
I downloaded a free program which is only on a trial called "switch sound file converter".
Opened switch and pressed add files and the songs that are on the disc will show.
Now switch will only allow you to convert 5 files at a time so I put 5 files in and pressed convert and it changed the files to MP3's.
As soon as that was done, the songs that had been converted were showing in my music folder and I could add them in to ableton live 9 with absolutely no problem at all.
This is an Xmas present to all that are having the same problem x :D