Beta testing guidelines and general information

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Beta testing guidelines and general information

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Goals of Beta Testing

We aim to ensure that Ableton Live is completely stable music software. As Live supports so many different workflows, hardware setups, and installed plug-ins, there are too many scenarios to test them all by ourselves - to do so, we need your help. Therefore the goal of this beta program is to:

Find and reproduce all non-intended behavior in the newest beta version that is not present in the most recent release version.

Special Behavior and Limitations of the Beta Version

Required Preparations: To ensure the beta version of Live 9 works correctly, please first download, install and authorize the most recent release version of Live 9 and its content. The beta and release versions can be installed side-by-side. The release version is called ‘Ableton Live 9,’ while the beta version is called ‘Ableton Live 9 Beta.’

The Live beta will have ‘Usage data’ enabled by default. This way the Ableton team will be able to collect the information needed to find and fix a problem. This can’t be disabled for the beta version, but can be turned off for the released versions. More info can be found in the Knowledge Base

The Live beta will have ‘Auto updates’ enabled by default, which means your beta version will always be up to date. This can’t be disabled in preferences since we want to make sure you test with the newest version exclusively.

How We Will Moderate the Forum

We try to read every post in the forum.

We will try to reproduce all the problems reported.

We will create a thread for each problem we were able to reproduce, labelled "Known Issue". The threads will contain a description of the problem, a workaround if available and the status of the reported problem.

When the problem is understood and we feel we have the information we need, we will be lock the thread. If you feel there is additional information please don't hesitate to open a new thread.

How to Report a Problem

Please provide precise information and an exact step-by-step description of how to reproduce the error that you have found. Please use the following template when posting a bug in this forum.

For the beta test, we are exclusively interested in bugs that are new for 9.0.2. So, for version comparison, use Live 9.0 exclusively. In other words, when you discover a bug in 9.0.2, please see if the problem is also present in 9.0.

Please provide a description of the system where you encountered the defect. Operating system, CPU, Memory, Audio card, Audio card latency settings, Additional hardware connected to the computer. Should you face issues with third party AU / VST plugins, please also provide a version number for these plugins.

Observed behavior : What happens

Expected behavior : What do you expect to happen (is this described as such in the manual).

Variables : Did you find a way to avoid the problem (i.e a workaround by changing audio driver)?. Please elaborate on how you can avoid the problem, if at all.

Did you see this error more than once? Please determine how frequently it occurs.

Can you reproduce this error on a second computer or on another platform?

Can others reproduce your problem? Are colleagues/friends or other forum users also experiencing your problem?

Attachments: please attach Ableton project files, screenshots, audio files or video that will demonstrate the problem.

Please note in your report if we are allowed contact you pr mail in case we need additional information.