(45394781) Mackie Control Implementation + Solution

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(45394781) Mackie Control Implementation + Solution

Post by motorhorst » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:31 am

Mackie Control + Extenders won't work as expected in L9. Channelstrip buttons on Extenders don't work and Faders/Buttons/LEDs on mainunit remain in it's position after quitting live. "Touch faders to select channel" doesn't work as well.

see here:

I've fixed most of these bugs and made little improvements. Check out the sources:

MackieControlXT.py (http://we.tl/i0UTapV3Hi)
will fix the button issue on MackieXTs.

MackieControl.py (http://we.tl/PPxSuwfgHv)
will fix the bug, that fader and buttons of Mackie Control remain in it's last state after quitting live. (Workaround with catched exception in disconnect function on ln. 60)

ChannelStrip.py (http://we.tl/gCMT2smL8i)
will fix slow reacting channel peak meters/leds. Especially for those nucleus users out there it is a shame to have a one second delay on each channel's peak meter. Increased midi traffic doen't seem to have any effect to my machines performance. Also "Fader-touch selects channel" has been added. Maybe comment it out in line 155 (#self.__select_track()).

Transport.py (http://we.tl/rVrVoMJjSB)
will change the behaviour of your transport section in Arrangement mode: By holding the loop button while turning the transport wheel you can set position and length of the loop (like in logic). The scrub/alt/ctrl buttons are now used to modify the speed/grid of track position marker when turning the transport wheel. The position always snaps to the selected grid. Pressing the transport play button in Arrangement View starts playing from the actual position of the transport wheel marker by default and can be changed by pressing ctrl or shift. (BETA)

I'd like to do further improvements on mackie scripts. Do you know where to get the sources? Can you provide? Decompiled ones are mostly corrupt and it takes long time to fix.


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(45394781) Re: Mackie Control Implementation + Solution

Post by [mal] » Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:49 pm


Thanks for reporting and for the extensive data,