(47646879) warping audio: moving waveform

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(47646879) warping audio: moving waveform

Post by mr.ergonomics » Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:40 pm

Live 9.01
Win7 64

Under certain circumstances the waveform keeps moving when moving a warp marker with the mouse

More detailed:
There are actually two problems I notice.

I want to say shortly why I change the warp marker at the video start. When you have a waveform and want to align an event in the middle from the waveform, you have to zoom at this position to see, and move the whole waveform with the warp marker at this position. This is not possible when you use the warp marker at the start.

1. At 6 seconds: When you move the warp marker left/right (for example when you want to align it to a certain position you have to do that), the ruler or background moves a tiny bit or better wobbles. This seems to be a bug, because there is no reason for this behaviour. There should be no movement from the ruler/background in this situation imho. Only the waveform with the warp marker should move here.

2. Starts at 15 seconds: When you move a warp marker in this shown situation, the ruler/background keeps moving in some cases. It should be only moving when one drag the point really near to the screen border, but it starts almost immediately and even in the wrong direction in some cases. This makes it hard to adjust the position from the warp marker exactly, because the background is moving too. It's hard to describe all what happens there, I would suggest to take a look at the video and try it by yourself.


When anything is not clear, please ask. I would be very thankful for a short feedback if you can reproduce it.

Best regards

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Re: (47646879) warping audio: moving waveform

Post by [mal] » Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:17 pm


Bug is reproduced. I also see this with Live 8.