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issue navigating drum rack banks

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:11 am
by monohusche
Hi there,

this is an issue with 9.0.4 as well as 9.0.5b3, not sure though how to report it.

Even though drum rack back navigation by one row works now (Shift + Octave Up/Down), the behaviour without Shift (as well using the ribbon controller on Push) is still buggy.

If the bottom bank is selected (C-2 for the first pad), pressing Octave Up once moves the "window"/grid only by one row (4 semitones) rather than 4 rows (16 semitones). Pressing it again will move the "window" by 4 rows.

You can see the issue also from the coloring of the drum rack strip, the bottom is colored differently than the next 4 rows. I will try to upload a picture once I am at home.

This is quite annoying if using 16 pads per kit in a single drum rack as now kits get "mixed" and the kick isn't always in the same position.


Re: issue navigating drum rack banks

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 8:15 pm
by Mark Egloff
Hi Nick

The behavior you are experiencing is intended: The default 4x4 drum-rack grid starts at C1 and moves up and down by 16 pads at a time. As you already saw, the default 4x4 blocks are even color coded. If you move out of the default 4x4 banks by holding shift + Octave up/down and then press octave up/down again with Shift released, the first thing Live does is to snap back into the default banks (as opposed to keeping the offset and moving just 4 rows up/down).

You can get the same behavior in Live when holding Alt + Arrow Up/Down. You might be confused, because this behavior slightly changed from Live 8 to Live 9. In Live 8, moving up/down would move only by 12 pads (3 rows), which is also reflected in a different color coding.

If you are using drum-kits, you should not start filling up the pads starting from C-2, but from C1 because this is the default starting point of the 4x4 pads.Then you shouldn't run into the issues you've described.

Hope that helped.


Re: issue navigating drum rack banks

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:54 pm
by monohusche
Thanks Mark,

it does help, at least understanding the intended behaviour. Still slightly annoying.

I am using both Push and Maschine, Maschine primarily to get easy access to Maschine and Komplete content without having to rebuild the Maschine kits in drum racks.

Instead of opening an individual Maschine plugin instance for every drum kit, I created a custom drum rack which allows me to access all 8 Maschine groups from the same drum rack. which is exactly 128 drum sounds.

Somehow, I had wrongly assumed that a drum rack would be evenly distributed into 8 banks as well. So default bank would start with C1, and two "octave downs" would get me to the bottom bank (starting with E-2), without another row beneath. On the other hand, if I go "up" 5 times, then the last bank overlaps by one row with the second last bank due to "missing" one row.

Any reason why the bottom cell is C-2 rather than E-2 ? Is it (just) because the first cell being a "C" ?

In essence, it means I can only use 7 Maschine groups if I want to use the easy 4x4 navigation, which is not the biggest issue in the world