Swing in push

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Swing in push

Post by holtyuk » Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:30 pm

I was watching a tutorial in Ableton where they were using Push. They used the swing setting direct in Push and it dialled in a really nice feel, 30% but then their groove pool on screen was empty so I’m guessing this is a default swing set inside Push itself.

Ableton manual and a google search hasn’t got an info on what actual swing setting is being dialled in from Push.

Any idea how I can dial this swing setting direct in Ableton without push?

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Re: Swing in push

Post by jestermgee » Tue Nov 24, 2020 9:34 pm

You cannot, the swing feature is not part of the groove pool, it is a function of Push itself. From the manual:


Turn up the Swing knob to apply swing to the repeated notes. When you touch the knob, the display will show the amount of swing.

Swing Knob.
29.4.2 Quantizing
Pressing Push 2’s Quantize button will snap notes to the grid in the selected clip.

Quantize Button.
Press and hold Quantize to change the quantization options:

Quantization Options.
Swing Amount determines the amount of swing that will be applied to the quantized notes. Note that the Swing amount can be adjusted from Encoder 1 or from the dedicated Swing knob.

Quantize To sets the nearest note value to which notes will be quantized, while Quantize Amount determines the amount that notes can be moved from their original positions.

Enable Record Quantize by pressing the corresponding upper display button to automatically quantize notes during recording. Adjust the record quantization value with Encoder 5. Note that if Record Quantize is enabled and Swing is turned up, the automatically quantized notes will not have swing applied.

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