Ableton Push 3 update

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Re: Ableton Push 3 update

Post by Machinesworking » Wed Jun 16, 2021 6:55 am

I find it weird that people complain about dongles, when what I would like to see from Apple is more value for what you get.
$500 wheels for a 7K Mac Pro, that's where it gets dumb.

USB4/Thunderbolt is more than fast enough to be considered more or less PCI, I'm fine with a hub and a dongle for headphones if it means less chances of faulty connections on an expensive laptop out of warranty. I get it I suppose it's just the least of my concerns.

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Re: Ableton Push 3 update

Post by J-Fly » Fri Jun 18, 2021 5:50 pm

I got $1500 stowed away in savings and ready for the Push 3 purchase...............yep.................any day..............or year...............millennium

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Re: Ableton Push 3 update

Post by Sean_Clarke » Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:02 am

I have fairly recently bought a PUSH2, personally I don't want or need it to do or be anything else.

I can see that some people may benefit from a different versions of PUSH- not a V3 but a maybe a PUSH MINI (smaller backpack version) or a PUSH Performer (PUSH with integrated USB soundcard, headphone socket, audio in maybe even speaker - just add laptop...)

@Ableton- feel free to use my names/ideas, just send me a free one :D
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Re: Ableton Push 3 update

Post by MallorcaMalle » Sun Jul 18, 2021 9:06 am

Push is already a very good device, refined push 3 would be great:
- Higher screen oder screens could be able to display more information.
- Improved browsing experience for sounds and devices.
- Chords button - maybe backed by a new chord device inside Live including many useful chord sets.
- Better buttons. Current are not bad but feel a little like jelly and are a bit hard to press, Maschine MK3 / KK MK2 buttons are the best.
- Bigger Pads (I know this would conflict with session view and scene fire-up but maybe theres a solution when screens are bigger)
- A bit lighter and smaller would be nice.
- Maybe fully USB-powerded (not dimmed)
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Re: Ableton Push 3 update

Post by dna598 » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:24 pm

I have been using a Roland a TR6s recently,and having fun sequencing the drum rack with it.
I just think would be cool if Ableton take a look at a smaller form factor for their next device(s).
I need a Push device this small and dinky. The little pads are cute and very useable.
My push 2 is cumbersome and currently melting away in it's box. :evil:

Perhaps they could make a line of mini devices for different aspects of the App.

Aside from a dinky device like the TR6, for integrated tr style drum programming,
I would also jump on an expressive (mpe?) knob and OLED adorned mini keyboard with color LEDs on the keys to reflect clips and scenes.
Having a keyboard is just more important than pads to me, and i have always been happy to trigger clips and scenes with the keyboard. It would really just kill two birds with one stone on my desk.
I would like to see a dedicated "back to arrangement" button.
One small thing tho. I need front panel access to midi settings, to quickly change midi channels without needing a separate app (big gripe of mine since USB took over).

That's all really (It's not but that's where i am stopping).
ctrl + left/right = select transient

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