Push Key modes - Discuss your methods, favorites etc.

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Push Key modes - Discuss your methods, favorites etc.

Post by glitchrock-buddha » Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:33 pm

I figured I'd pretty much always be using it in chromatic mode with the 4th up on the next row. Being a guitar player, this is pretty intuitive and follows the same scale patterns I'm used to (at least for the first 4 strings). But I'm quickly realizing that I won't always be using the same mode as I thought.

Personally I don't like the in-key modes. I'm not cool with losing a bunch of "out of key" notes. So I like to stay in Chromatic. I also found the 3rd interval useful as well as the 4th for the next row above. I'm finding that for these modes, my hands end up resting in a position where the right is slightly higher to cover the top-right portion and left covering the bottom-left portion, which covers all note ranges.

But the sequent mode is pretty cool, especially for doing piano style voicings where one hand can do chord arrangements split further apart on the keyboard. It can be very useful. In this mode, my hands gravitate to being usually side by side to cover all notes, whereas this is useless in 3rd/4th modes.

I think for instruments that are typically played of notes in close proximity like guitars, the 3rd/4th modes work well, but for piano type sounds that tend to cover much more of a range simultaneously the sequent mode is very useful.

How are you using the different modes?
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