Unofficial Push FAQs

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Unofficial Push FAQs

Post by Because789 » Thu Aug 08, 2013 9:31 am

Some FAQs about Push. Feel free to post stuff you want me to include in the OP.

Where can I learn about Push?

The online manual you can find here:

Be aware that the Push functionality is still in an early stage and so is the manual. There will be changes with every Live update. You can keep track of the changes reading the release notes: ... ase-notes/ ... ase-notes/

There are other official resources, namly Ableton's page on learning Push, their Push FAQs and their blog:

If that's still not enough for you head to YouTube and search for Ableton Push. You'll find a lot of additional stuff from pros and hobby musicians.

The (white) LEDs on my Push have different color tints/shades. Is this normal?

Yes, so far it's normal. Some units are more affected than others, but some variances are found pretty much everywhere. This is what the Abes responded on that topic:
Regarding the LEDs, please understand that it is difficult to maintain perfectly consistent color across 64 pads.

We conducted extensive usability testing with Push, and found that the minor variances in brightness did not detract from Push's usability.

Additionally, please note that, due to the additive nature of RGB LEDs, variances in color may appear more pronounced when the LEDs are set to white.
But my unit looks so much worse than the ones in the official videos. Why is that?

It's hard to compare the thing in front of you with pictures/videos you'll find on the internet, just because illumination and camera/camera settings can make a huge difference.

What can I do about it?

- Ignore it and wait what future updates bring. The Abes are definitely aware of this issue and at least one user reports that he got a feedback from Ableton that “developers are working on a solution”.

- Change the default color scheme of your Push. The easiest way to do this is to use the beautiful Seapush color scheme by triant:


If you want to make your own color scheme read the topic below about hacking the midi remote scripts.

- Complain about it. If this is your way please send your complaints to, most of the frequent users of this forum already know all your complaints by heart.

- Return your Push.

Where can I get the latest “firmware” for Push?

The Push functionality is mainly handled by the midi remote scripts which are updated with each new Live version. The actual firmware isn't updated that frequently, but if there is an update it will also be shipped with the according Live version. If you got the latest Live version, you got the latest scripts and firmware. To keep track of the changes in the remote scripts read the release notes (links above). To keep track of the firmware changes see here: ... ase-notes/

Can I make changes to the default behaviour of Push?

Yes, you can. You can change the default color scheme, add new custom scales, etc. But this involves remote script hacking. The main resource for this are Julien Bayle's investigations on Push:

For making your default color scheme you can find additional resources here:


If you don't wanna hack the scripts yourself be sure to check out Stray's (metastatik) fantastic work on remote scripts:

Push Script Mods

Be aware that with each Live update the remote scripts are overwritten. To apply changes to Push you always need the uncomplied scripts of the exact Live version you use. These can be hard to get in the first couple of days after a release.

How do I use VST plugins with Push?

Check out the following links:


Can I step sequence an instrument?

Yes, you can. Check out this link:


How can I preview samples from Push?

So far it's not possible but 132nonamemk\ reported that he got a feedback from support that „something they are working on“.

How can I record to arrangment view from Push?

So far there is no button combination in Push mode to do that. You can either midi map the global record button in User mode or you can use Stray's Push Script Mods.

I miss a feature, what to do about it?

Here's a list of easy to miss Push features:


Bare in mind that the Push funcionality is under heavy development, with each Live release there might be changes (check change logs, links above).
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Re: Unofficial Push FAQs

Post by Bliany » Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:36 am

Another new push user here. Thanks for posting this.

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Re: Unofficial Push FAQs

Post by panten » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:29 am

Great idea Because789. Should be sticky.

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Re: Unofficial Push FAQs

Post by Because789 » Thu Aug 15, 2013 10:01 am

You're welcome :)

Updated OP...
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Re: Unofficial Push FAQs

Post by Tarekith » Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:26 pm

My Push arrives later today, thanks for this!

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