Push DrumRack Sample Selection .. Again ;)

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Push DrumRack Sample Selection .. Again ;)

Post by dest4b » Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:19 pm


is it normal if i use my Drumracks with separate EQ and Comressor and FX on each Pad and if i try to change the Sample with Push by pressing select and the Pad i want to change all FX are Lost ?
Is there any bug in my workflow ? Im doing something wrong ?


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Re: Push DrumRack Sample Selection .. Again ;)

Post by catalyst » Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:14 pm


No you aren't doing anything wrong - that threw me at first too, having heard everyone mention 'sample hot-swapping' before I got my Push.. unfortunately this is a misconception as it is actually pad/cell hot-swapping that is occurring, it just so happens that samples are one of the things you can drop on a pad.

Bottom line: if you use Push to hot-swap the contents of pads e.g. a sample, in a DrumRack, you can't currently avoid losing any changes to devices you have configured on that pad, they will simply be wiped out. What you *can* do, to speed things up somewhat is preconfigure a default simpler device rack and have it grouped and macro-ed with EQ etc already in the chain, and drag that preset in "Defaults/Dropping Samples/On Drum Rack" (I think thats the path) so that your effects are already in place at least.

REAL device-level sample hot-swapping is something I'm sure a lot of folks including myself would love to see..

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