Tip: Excellent stand for Push

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Tip: Excellent stand for Push

Post by patrickstinson » Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:35 pm

After a bunch of shopping, I found a really terrific stand for Push. The size is just right and it's very stable.

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0084CRYOG/ref ... 1_ST1_dp_1

Just thought I'd share it with you!
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Theo Void
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Re: Tip: Excellent stand for Push

Post by Theo Void » Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:18 am

Looks nice but it currrentlty un-available.

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Re: Tip: Excellent stand for Push

Post by patrickkidd » Tue Sep 24, 2013 3:56 am

I'm sure if you search around you can find it elsewhere.

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Re: Tip: Excellent stand for Push

Post by greaterthanzero » Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:28 pm

I ordered mine from Best Buy. Was cheaper than Amazon. Assembly sucked, but shouldn't need to happen a second time.

It's nearly perfect; the edges aren't high enough to block any of the cables, and that's important if you're angling the stand away from yourself for the benefit of an audience. However, the edges also aren't high enough to prevent Push from clattering to the floor in front of you if you're using it at steep angles.

A single packet of Sugru fixed that for me. (four strategically placed blobs along the edge provide additional support without blocking the cables. be sure to let it cure for 24 hours before putting your Push back on the stand, lest the Sugru bond them together)

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Re: Tip: Excellent stand for Push

Post by reynolds101 » Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:05 pm

+1. Good stand, ordered one for the MacBook as well. I agree with zero, the assembly is slightly annoying because of poorly cut openings where the screw attaches. But other than that it is well worth the money.

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Re: Tip: Excellent stand for Push

Post by unix23 » Wed Oct 23, 2013 12:01 pm

I like the Push on my desk, but with it flat I felt like I was hovering over it. For my setup I wanted a desktop stand, not a floor stand. This one was made for a laptop but fits the Push nicely. The front has rubberized standoffs and the base fits between the Push's feet, There are a few angles it can be set to. This stand is solid/not moving around. Good stuff.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000JE7CMG/ "Rolodex Laptop Stand"

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