Ableton Live Melodic Step Sequencing

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Re: Ableton Live Melodic Step Sequencing

Post by ambientidm » Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:03 pm

TomViolenz wrote:
ambientidm wrote:
TomViolenz wrote:Well I had looked at Numerology a while ago, and it has a shitload of functionality. So if it intigrates well with Push, I'm def. interested. If it means dicking about with the mouse in a GUI, much less so!
once i set up my live set with n4 i do not need to use the mouse at all
With set up Live you mean, put the Numerology vst(s) in front of your instrument(s). Or is more needed regarding midi and parameter routing.

How is that done, does Numerology take the Parameters directly from Live, or do they have to be assigned to cc's. In the Launchpad video it looked like you have the matrix columns to adjust the parameter per step. Neat! How do you change between parameters to edit this way. Also does the whole method of just holding the step and twiddeling an encoder also work? (That's what I probably miss most in PXT)
Does the Push version give you more in regards of things to edit in your step sequence with the encoders and the Track State and Track Selection buttons when compared to the Launchpad?
What are some of the further step sequencing goodies it has. I saw the skipped step, the glide, what else is there?! Curved automation, maybe?! 8)
numerology has to on its own channel sending midi to your desired instrument

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Re: Ableton Live Melodic Step Sequencing

Post by LithiuMind » Thu Jan 14, 2016 4:55 pm

mercury007 wrote:Is there a M4L device or something else that offers a variation on the Melodic Step Sequencing from the one provided in Ableton Live 9.1?

I would like for it to work exactly like the drum rack sequencing but instead of drum pads in the left lower quadrant, it would be a 4x4 representation of the normal note page (meaning the white and blue notes) with the ability to change the scales just as you would on the normal note page. For note sequencing it may be helpful sometimes to visualize things this way instead of in the way the current step sequencing is set up. It's not a critical thing but I've looked for M4L devices and not found one and figured I'd ask in case someone knows about one.
Dear god this is exactly what I want. Step sequencing for notes, not a tiny mini-window of the piano roll.

This would also allow users to circumvent the issue where simpler instruments cannot be sequenced like drums....
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Re: Ableton Live Melodic Step Sequencing

Post by tedlogan » Thu Jan 14, 2016 5:28 pm

LithiuMind wrote:I'm a little dissapointed that there's no ability to draw longer notes. Seems like a fairly simple implementation to have... hold down one note, then press the note you would like the note to "hold" until. You could then draw something other than simple staccato patterns.
The method you describe would be nice to have.

But you can currently make longer notes if you hold down the pad. Now, under the "notes" tab which appears on either Push 1 or 2, you can set the note's length via an encoder.

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Re: Ableton Live Melodic Step Sequencing

Post by LithiuMind » Fri Jan 15, 2016 11:11 pm

tedlogan you are right! I just discovered that feature last night.

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